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Sony Patents: System for Smart Parental Controls, Help PlayStation Players Get Good, AI Assistant


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Sony has recently filed a patent for a new “AI onboarding assistant." According to the document, this new virtual assistant would be used on entertainment devices (such as video game consoles) and employ user data to give the user new recommendations. In short, the new bot would read the user data, learn from it and recommend products and features that they may like, not too unlike current algorithms. So, it’s safe to believe that the new invention will work in a vastly different way than ChatGTP.


According to the Sony parental control patent recently filed, the system may be altered to allow parents to stop gameplay when a stage, match, or boss fight has been completed. The changes will be able to calculate how much time it roughly takes to defeat a certain boss or complete a level which will give parents more control in stopping the gameplay once these important moments conclude. The patent will use these natural in-game moments where things quiet down to automatically stop the on-screen action where it feels right rather than allowing the player to continue moving their character around with the DualSense controller.


Just a few weeks ago, Sony Interactive Entertainment filed a patient for what it calls a “Virtual Dojo” to help players sharpen their skills across several different genres. According to the images included in this patient, it would consist of a virtual environment that simulates 2D and 3D gaming environments for first-person shooters, side-scrolling platformers and even fighting games. The patent claims that players will be able to import training data from actual games, such as button combos, and after analyzing the player’s skill level the program would generate a personalized curriculum based on what areas the player needs to improve on.

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