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(*) Sony PS5 Vs. Xbox Series X Technical Analysis: Why The PS5’s 10.3 TFLOPs Figure Is Misleading

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Jun 29, 2019
Against the assault of laughter
Guys, we're all missing the point here. Maybe there are no "teraflops"? Maybe WE are the teraflops?! Maybe the "teraflops" are actually something INSIDE us! Did ANYONE take that into consideration? And if that is the case, the next gen isn't about the "consoles" or their "processing power", it's about the friendships we make on the road to launch!



Sep 5, 2013
And pray do tell, at the start of a frame, how does the GPU know what clock rate its going to need to finish it on time? Can it see into the future? Are they using monster cable?

For that reason, i'm fairly sure your rationale is wrong. From what you describe you'd need some sort of PID controller for clockrate? But even then the frame rate would be all over the place for the end user.

Nah, you realise how many 1/2 nano seconds and operations in a 16 ms frame ? Go work it out.....

PID - your thinking analogue electronics, way off bud. A GPU acording to Cerny is well utilised at 40 % of a frame....Think about that....THINK

Allot happens in a frame, your still not thinking in GHz....One frame below of spiderman and its just showing major block actions.....blocks containing many many lines of code and and stuff happening...

Too many thinking time frame is one decsion, when there are 1000's of things happen... I am not here to teach basics in computing and semi coductor physics, go read yourself....but stop being so dismissive so much FUD and absolute crap talked on here man.

Controlling on heat is poor (time frame very large) if you can control on workload intelligently (very fast)

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