Sony puts PS4 button prompts over Xbox One X footage of Anthem

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Playstation youtube has uploaded 4K footage of Anthem (the same video shown at E3)
At the bottom of the screen you can see the button prompts, however when it appears/disappears, you can see the sneaky edit isn't quite as neat.
You can see the Xbox One button prompts underneath as the HUD fades in.

Naughty Naughty

A good example here when the character jumps out of the water and lands

< and > on the keyboard to move single frames.

Mislead me if old.
Haha thats pretty funny, dont see anything nefarious, probably just wanted a version to run on their channell
And didnt have one with playstation prompts due to marketing deals and such
They all do it. Means the devs don't have to make two versions of identical gameplay for both platforms YouTube channels. Either that or just don't show button prompts at all.
This is nothing new. Happens all the time on the differing platforms.

In fact you'll see the same trailer on PS, MS, and publisher sites all with different buttons (usually each console and PC) as well as missing logo for Xbox or PS4 on the respective platform channel.

Isn't it the actual character talking, I didn't get the impression it was fake game chat.
Seriously? xD
Isn't it the actual character talking, I didn't get the impression it was fake game chat.
Later on in the trailer there is all the dumb dialogue between the 2 characters on the mission ("lot of them down there" etc), standard fake mic chatter and it really plucks my nerves.
Isn't it the actual character talking, I didn't get the impression it was fake game chat.
I loved that gameplay demo, but this bugged me and my friends watching it the whole way through. We couldn't tell if it was in-game or staged voicechat. Seemed too good for staged voice chat, but also sounded way too gamey for in-game dialogue.
This is nothing compared to the the fake voiceover crap during that trailer.
I hate that sort of crap. That doesn't make it feel like the game's really played, it just makes it feel like you mocked up the gameplay entirely.

But yeah, probably safe to say that's on EA and Bioware.
It was the fastest thing for EA to do.

Take footage, replace button prompt icons, ensure text on video to say NOT FINAL PRODUCT or something of the sort, send to Sony.

Have a nice day.
OP is of the era of PS3 vs 360 where we would freak about this. Now though you can trust multi platform development to be equal on both system.
Why would Sony be having to edit footage of a third party game? Is this something they have to do themselves for every third party title?

I mean, it was probably running on PC anyway, so it probably isn't a big deal regardless. But I'm curious where you read that it was Sony that did this.
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