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Sony Santa Monica teasing something: "Take A Step"

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See the next fragment http://on.fb.me/1LJ5za4 #takeastep



It's obvious:

Santa Monica studio community manager is posting.
Santa Monica did God of War series.
Gif shows someone taking a step.
Caption says to take a step for the fragment.
Assassin's Creed features both steps and fragments.

Kratos vs Desmond crossover confirmed.

Edit: my sources tell me it's not Desmond. You play as Achilles, an assassin known for defeating the templar Hector of Troy. Featuring a hack and slash open world stealth game.


It implies stealth to me, and people think it may be a woman.

It's obviously Raiden then. Wig of War is real.

Scratch that, only saw the first part.
Not open for further replies.
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