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Sony Santa Monica's canceled new IP has major concept art leak, 35+ images

EDIT: http://imgur.com/a/rMkmZ (Thanks Get_craycray)

Pretty interesting stuff.


It's been a long time since we published a leak. Last year we leaked the entire Microsoft E3 Conference e some unannounced titles (Spiderman for PS4, Crash Bandicoot HD Remake, Watch Dogs 2's protagonist, etc.). We also promised to reveal some information about Santa Monica's cancelled IP for PS4. So, here we are, ready to share with you these info.
Searching on the web, we spotted a interesting portfolio website about a former Game Developer & 3D Concept Designer: Erik San Juan. He worked at Santa Monica for: Kinetica (PS2), God of War (PS2), God of War II, God of War III (PS3), God of War Collection (PS3), God of War Saga (PS3) and God of War Ascension (PS3), until April 2014.

Looking at his resume we see he also worked for:

– Unannounced (PS4) – Visual Development/Character Modeling (Cancelled)
Led the Concept Art incubation team for 2 years and later the Character Concept Art team while in full production. Provided 2D/3D concept art and models for a new PS4 IP in development which was later cancelled.

What is the name of this project? We don't know, but we spotted a lot of concept art published by the game designer. In order to avoid copywriting infringements, we won't publish these concept arts, but if you are good at searching for, you can find them.

Here are the information we collected:

• It's a futuristic game, maybe it is set in 2034;
• It could be about worlds exploration;
• Some character take part in a mission called ”Ark Mission Genesis – A.D. 2034";
• Some characters' name: August, Donovan, NightHorse;
• There are some strange humanoid creatures (aliens?), similar to mutant fishes;
• These creatures ride some kind of bison with unicorn;
• There's a group of refugees or mercenaries;
• There are drones;
• There is a kraken-like creature;
• Enemies could be skeletal monsters with long arms;
• There are creatures similar to dinosaurs;
• You could scan new creatures for information about DNA and Origin;
• A lot of uniforms.

The game is ”Cancelled", at the moment, and many developers have left Sony Santa Monica for this reason.
And the ones marked "Darkside" as that was rumored to be the name, and the photos say they're from the cancelled game.




The concept art or the description there doesn't sound too great, imo. Shame about the people who lost their jobs though.
Concept art looks super interesting. Looks like it was gonna be a pretty massive game. Kinda reminds me more of Mass Effect than Destiny.

Mikey Jr.

This looks weird. But not the good kind of weird.

A kind of "yeah, not surprised this was cancelled" kind of weird. Looks like a mish mash of just a bunch of shit.
Definitely like like a game still figuring itself out based on these images. Upset about no new IP but we don't know much to go on.


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They leaked God of War 4 stuff too right with bearded Kratos but it was in a style like God of War 3 like top down fixed camera not like how the recent God of War reveal looked like


Now what's the next step in your master plan?
Not feeling it actually just off the concept art. It doesn't look cohesive but then again it is concept art and not the actual game. Just seems very erratic as some stuff like gritty and modern but others look like a fantasy game with fantasy creatures while some others look like scifi shooter war based stuff.


Going by the concept art this looks a ton more interesting than what we got with Destiny. Gives a feeling that there could be different planets with different styles and things like that.



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