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Sony Taiwan announced the most expensive PS4 bundle to date, includes a car and TV.


SIET (Sony Interactive Entertainment Taiwan Limited) announced a Gran Turismo Sport PS4 bundle today with a staggering price of NT$ 1,398,000 (US$ 46,600), which comes with a limited edition 2018 Mazda MX-5.

Limited edition, one set only in the entire world.

Here's everything that's included in the bundle. (That's not a toy car my friend.)

It's probably sold already...

Edit: Confirmed sold to a car collector.
Totally would've bought it if the console itself had its own limited design, of course.


Now THAT--only one console ever made that had a certain design--would've been amazing, if only to see the console show up at some charity shop 20 years from now.
You need to sign up for a chance to buy this bundle...

Here is the page to sign up:


bundle includes:
-PS4 《Gran Turismo Sport》

-PlayStation 4 Pro

-PlayStation VR Deluxe Bundle(Include PlayStation VR、PlayStation Camera and PlayStation Move*2 )

-PlayStation Plus 12 month


-Thrustmaster T-GT Racing Wheel

-APIGA AP1 Professional Racing Simulator

-2018 MAZDA MX-5


I had pre-ordered this from Amazon a while ago but it looks like they've cancelled my order for some reason.


The flight plan I just filed with the agency list me, my men, Dr. Pavel here. But only one of you!
I'll just wait for the DRM to get cracked and download the car.
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