Sony Temporaily Close All European SPE Studios Due To Coronavirus.


Reports are coming in that Sony has closed three of its European offices due to concerns over the coronavirus. Offices in London (UK), Paris (France), and Gdynia (Poland) have been shuttered for the rest of the week as a precautionary measure.

Sony says that none of its employees have tested positive for the coronavirus, but it's still taking action after one member of staff travelled to a region where the virus is a known threat. According to TBI, an internal memo reads: "Out of an abundance of caution, the London, Paris and Gdynia offices will be closed for the remainder of the week, and employees should work from home"

This is only in effect for their Film Studios at the moment of writing, so safe to say the Uncharted FIlm may not shoot in two weeks, yet another delay for Nathan Drake....


Great Hair

Does the virus not take like 2? weeks to mutate before being a threat? This shit is scary as fuck. All this ruckus due some infested rat someone fancied eating.
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