Sony TGS Conference 2017 Thread - Hey Dante, will we meet again?

Only thing I see happening is Dragonball FighterZ trailer (if that), and something new Danganronpa (if that). I expect the rest to be random JP games we'll never get and JP version of western titles that have been done to death.
Summer Lesson is the only game that comes to mind in recent years that we didn't get. Everything else seems to come over sooner or later.
why is dmc5 heavily hinted? lol

Dat Ape Escape 4 bingo entry!
Itsuno's working on a new title that he started on after work on DMC4SE finished, which they spent 1.5 years on, and Capcom has been busy working on mainline sequels for all their major franchises. DMC5 specifically, no, but by process of elimination there's only that and Revelations 3 left unless DD2, Onimusha, Dino Crisis or a new AAA IP are in the works.

That's the most reasonable start time (for UK folks) in forever, I swear.

DMC5 and Dragon's Dogma 2. Come on!
You sure you want a DD2 without Itsuno?
Dragon's Dogma 2 ---- WAY overdue.

Let's do the math...

--- 5 x Devil May Cry Titles ----

Devil May Cry
Devil May Cry 2
Devil May Cry 3
Devil May Cry 4

--- 1 x Dragon's Dogma title -------

Dragon's Dogma: DA

And no, DD: Online doesn't count, because it never released here... therefore, here in the States, we've had one.

Math being.... we've had PLENTY of DMC and nowhere near enough DD... give some bloody Dragon's Dogma love, CAPCOM!!
Not expecting anything big from Square-Enix. They just blew their load with two KH3 trailers so I assume they'll let that game rest till Jump Festa. FF7R is also too far off I imagine so I don't see it showing up at anything for awhile.

Hoping for a small surprise. Nothing huge, just a cool new game we haven't seen before. Given Famitsu has 10 game announcements next issue I imagine we'll see something that interests me.
I'm very curious to see what Toyama Keiichiro's Gravity Rush team is working on.I think it has more chances they'll show it on TGS rather than PSX.