Sony TGS Conference 2017 Thread - Hey Dante, will we meet again?

Why it have to be a Sony event?
Like why we have to put all our hope and dreams on Sony event? Why not Xbox event or Nintendo event or publisher own event?
I mean DMC is multiplatform title after all.
-DMC started out on PS platforms.
-PS4 is the world wide leader like it or not.
-Why debut your game on the machine with the weakest specs?, first impressions count after all.
so we got a cool teaser, MonHun release date and a bunch of already announced stuff

I simply cannot believe I missed my daughter's first day of primary school and got into a huge fight with the wife just so I could stay and watch this shit...
I hope this is true cause you would be the biggest idiot.
why bring on the thing that killed dmc?
Honestly I'm just enjoying the massive denial.


formerly omg rite
This was a solid enough press conference. I don't expect anything from Sony at TGS anymore and really, no one should.

Big potential Japanese games like DMC5, REmake 2, Bloodborne 2 (or whatever) and DOA6, if they're happening, will be saved for PSX rather than TGS.
Not because I am going, but why do I have a feeling PSX is gonna be explosive this year? I dunno about Paris Games Week being in the way next month, but PSX has a buzz around it. Probably because of the relatively low key conferences so far from Sony.

Never mind that, whens the PSX thread pop up? Feel like I will live in that for the next 2 months.
A Capcom game always winds up at PSX, first it was SF5, then MVCI, itll truly be amazing if Devil May Cry 5 pops up this year. Given that Itsuno is working on his new title and is adamant of showing it this year, one can only assume itll be DMC5. If its not I will truly be disappointed. Its probably one of the most wanted titles from Capcom at the moment given the shit storm of rumors over the last few years and that massive cocktease at E3 with how the MVCI trailer ended.