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Sony Trolls Next Xbox Reveal With “Beyond The Box” PS4 Ads on Xbox Google Searches


If I ever post something in Japanese which I don't understand, please BAN me.
Sony PR has been doing really well. Showing a PS4 teaser before/on the day of the Xbox event was a given but you don't' think they'd actually go for it.

They did, well done *slow clap*

This isn't a new tactic for advertising. For example, when a new Windows release comes out, Apple will have advertisements for OSX show up when you search for Windows.

Didn't Microsoft also open up a retail store right across the street from an Apple store at one time?

This was also great;
I'm betting sony will have a promotional video lined up tomorrow with Fifa,UFC, COD footage and a PS4 logo on it too.

Showing off 3rd party games comes with the trick... that the other guy can use the same promotional footage.


Weak troll. The ads before the PS Meeting were killer. "Jump Out" was my favorite. Still, good on them for the playful jab (if it was intentional). Hopefully they'll both go full-on stupid this Gen.

Shows a lot of class from Sony. It's what they're all about.

Oh come on! It's fun. Remember The Xbox boat? That shit was hella classy, right? No, it was hilarious.
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