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Sony's Jim Ryan: “It's time to give fans something that can only be enjoyed on PlayStation 5”



I honestly feel like Greenberg is hurt. I remember him last gen touting sales and now this guys marketing budget is reduce to this


Shutting this guy up would be one of the best moves Microsoft could make for XBOX. He litterally hasn't been effective or even competent at his job since June 2013.


Not a big fan of Mr Ryan, too ¨suit¨ for my tastes.
Apparently they don't want more faces linked to brand like they used to, wich sucks.
Anyways, hyped for the event!!
Have the feeling that Greenberg is acting like his job was on the line.
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Why is MS backward compatibility a bad thing when its software base emulation?
The PS5 backward compatibility is more likely to hold it back since they spent a lot of time engineering ways to keep parts of the ps4 Architecture in the GPU limiting its possibilities just todo back-compatibility.

Seems like MS wins here as MS is getting more flexibility for running games with different hardware the ability to enhance the games with less downside to your hardware requirements.
Bad marketing or not, Ms out engineer sony on this and it makes sense they are the largest software company in the world it would be a shame if they didn't.
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Greenberg seemed to tweet a response to the "we believe in generations"

Typical Xbox doing what its used to doing for quite some time... backtracking and damage control.
It was years ago that the supposedly saviour and messiah of Xbox Phil Spencer, that once said they want to end the traditional console generations.

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