Soul Sacrifice (Vita) Demo impressions

Sep 6, 2007
Lincolnshire, England, UK
(17/4/13) -The Soul Sacrifice demo is now available in Europe (and US whenever Grace Chen decides to update the store). Use this thread to post your impressions of the demo and to arrange online games with fellow GAFfers or whatever :).

Link for demo on EU webstore
(EU people can pre-order the full game on PSN here)

Link for demo on US webstore.

Might update the thread with impressions from a few more people too. Check out the videos/screenshots/impressions below!

Also, if someone is interested in reading about the full game, we have a import impressions thread here. Just a heads up (Thanks Hasemo)

Gameplay videos:

Some great videos from twentytwo22 to start you off

Online - (if you would like to see the other point of view, check out

4Gamer Video

4 player boss fight (Not in the demo, but still relevent)

Impressions and Screenshots!:

So first impressions after an extended session :

1: Art style is beautiful
2: Music and atmosphere is top notch
3: Game runs extremely smooth
4: Exploration is very limited, hero fights historic battles in small arenas via the book node

All in all I like it, but I was expecting more of an open world. At first I was cursing at the combat, but very relieved there is a lock on via the left trigger.

Its very much like monster hunter but there is no exploration or gear hunting that I have seen. All in all I think people will like it. Its a bit different however from what I expected, but it should provide a good experience!
Character progressions seems to be levels and you get to choose either blue or red powers each time you drain a corpse. I am guessing most of the progression is via the spells and the sacrifices...
The game is based on arcane/magic/sorcery - the grinding comes down to growing and utilizing powerful spells. Not so much weapon/equipment based, as MH is.
ok finish download it and played it - please bear in mind I don't understand a thing about japanese.

It was really fast pace and hard. I tried charge attack with an axe so many times but somehow the enemy keep focusing on me. And there're tons of customization that I just don't get it. It was really fun though I can see myself tried so many different kind of thing with the magic.
Very smooth. I didn't notice any frame dips.
Okay, took the time to stand up my Jpan Vita account as I had a spare 8gb card.

So yeah, this demo is frankly, kick-ass

Dig the hell out of the presentation and the actual combat mechanics feel fantastic.
Technically it looks awesome as well.
Really liked what I played of it, but it's difficult for me to get a real sense of the flow of the game without knowing what any of the text means.

It looks like the game has a solid approach to narrative, and I like the aesthetic of the artwork within the book itself.

Combat wise this is a big step up from games like MH/RO, to me at least. It doesn't feel as clunky as either of those, and it's actually quite fluid. Proper roll and lock on buttons are greatly appreciated and there seems to be a bit of variation in the way you approach enemies, which is nice. I was struggling to understand whether holding 'R' was an attack modifier and such.

Customization looks a little limited, although I'd expect more from the full game. I don't know whether you can unlock new armour/gear, but there were only a few options in the character customization screen. It looks like you can set which spells you want to take into battle, as well.
The demo goes beyond the prologue with 4 more missions. Nothing in the prologue is particularly long or hard (despite my troubles in the above videos, lol), but the story is actually really awesome. The music is fucking incredible, too. The 4 missions (well, the last 3) after the prologue are more "real", and are longer and more difficult.

There is a LOT of customization in this game. I will try to explain it as I currently have seen it:

-You have two levels. One is a Defense/Health level, and one is an Attack level. You level these up by saving (Defense/Health) or sacrificing (Attack) enemies. Bosses/bigger enemies give more EXP. Also, some enemies will lower your EXP in the department you don't choose (for example, saving: Defense/Health +4exp, Attack -2exp), but it will never level you down.

-You have the sacrificial magics. These are obtained by clearing stages (and possibly picked up in stages themselves?). Some drop more rarely than others. These involve all sorts of attacks, defensive maneuvers, evasive maneuvers, heals/regens, and more. As an above poster stated, if you get two of the same one, you can "combine" them for a +1 sort of thing. After that, you need 4 - then 8 - etc, to keep going to +2, +3. This usually lets you use it more times. (Using a sacrificial magic TOO many times and it will stop working completely and you need to "rejuvinate" it outside of missions by usings the books tears. As long as you don't use it ALL THE WAY down, it will fully repair after each fight. Also, you can find areas in each map where you can restore your "uses", although these are not unlimited. The proper use of each number of magic at the right time is VERY IMPORTANT to playing well.)

-There is also synthesis to make sacrificial magics. Currently I have a list of about 12 different magics that I can make, using other magics. I'm not sure yet how to find more recipes (there may not be more in the demo).

-After the prologue, you also get the ability to customize your arm. This is sorta like your "armor", although a lot of this customization grants bonuses to attack and stuff as well. You get these "seals" to place in your armor (there are 5 slots: two for "upper arm", two for "lower arm", and one for "hand") by killing a certain number of enemies. For example, kill 5 Jack-o'-Lanterns (a boss), and you unlock a certain seal. I LOVE this system because it feels like even if you don't get the rare sacrificial magic drop you are going for, you are always making progress on your seals (as well as your character levels, of course!).

-You've also got the "super attacks". I'm honestly not 100% sure how to earn these, but I've got Salamander. You can set up to 5 of these on your body at once.

There is other customization in there as well. I'll dive back in in a bit and check it out.
No, don't think so :( Lucky in that i had a spare memory card, so just formatted it and logged onto my JPN account. Woohoo.

Internet bro-fist. I'm sitting at 145mb :(
So I have a spare 4gb memory card and a JPN account. Am I good to go or do I have to worry about any weird jank once I place my default card back in?
Should've known...but I actually just got lucky myself. Thought I sold my old 4GB and apparently its still here. So it would be nice if that worked out.
Oct 24, 2010
I have a 4GB lying around that I'm not using, would anyone mind pointing me in the direction of a step by step guide/list/whatever of how to set up a JPN PSN account on a US Vita?
Apr 15, 2012
I seriously always thought Soul Sacrifice would do really well, even when Monster Hunter 4 was slated to release around that time. Personally, Soul Sacrifice looks more interesting to me, but we'll see how Japan feels soon enough.

I can't wait to hear impressions.
Jun 9, 2004
Weird, I can't find it...

Edit: found it, good thin I could search it in English.

I will take the chance to download DJ and Ys Celceta demos :)