South African retailer lists The Bioshock Collection (PS4/X1) for November release


These games are amazing in 1080p

Really hope they improve the shooting physics in Bioshock 1 and 2 to match Infinite.
I have a feeling these are going to be nothing more than better FPS and better resolution along with all of the DLC included. If it's really coming out in November and they haven't said anything yet, I doubt much work was put in. More curious if they bothered with the Bioshok 2 MP.


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Great for people that missed out on these before, or just for fans.

Personally, I play the Bioshock games at 5K downsampled to 4K, so these are not for me. Still happy they are doing it though. Hopefully they will be decent ports, with a release date that soon, they arent likely to have much aside from a resolution and (hopefully) framerate boost.
I'll laugh super hard if it's The Rapture Collection (with only Bio 1 & 2) or The Levine Collection (with 1 & Infinite).
Could still be called the Rapture Collection
if it contained Infinite ;b

If only bite on this if it was properly done, with reworked textures and models ( especially in the original) as opposed to just a performance and resolution boost.

That said, the games deserve it, they're wonderful.
Bioshock was my entry title into next-gen, had it pre-ordered and payed down months in advance, picked it up day one, and loved every bit of it
on a standard TV.

I would LOVE to go back through 1 and 2, just hope load times are reasonable and everything's up to 60fps.