South Park Oculus Rift VR

A stick of truth sequel like that would be nuts. I think I'd prefer the art style in SoT though.

It's still freakin' cool regardless!
Outside of not being able to see the effect(which leaves me looking at a warped image), I don't like how twitchy the movement is. Humans don't visualize things like that normally, so it just looks like a bad implementation of first person viewing that would be even worse with VR. I haven't tried it yet so I can't say from experience, but it seems like this sort of thing wouldn't take advantage of the benefits things like Oculus is said to have.

Maybe I can try one soon at a friends place.
The potential is astounding!!

remember folks, this is just a demo
so 12 minutes doesn't mean shit

blow this out with a great minded studio with full potential
and boom!!!
Watch it invert, it be 12 minutes max where you can go without playing it.

and these people calling it a gimmick, have you played for more than 12 minutes?
Seems like it would be cool for approximately 12 minutes before the novelty wears off.
I don't fault Oculus or their hardware for it in this instance. Shoehorning has never worked, and it won't work here either. Oculus needs software that is made with it in mind, fully. Sure, some games like Metroid Prime will certainly move to it smoothly, but it really needs software to call it's own that would have a hard time being played outside of it. That one demo of the game within a game was a nice concept to build on.
Isn't the whole reason Stick of Truth was created because 3D implementations of South Park just doesn't work.

This looks just as ridiculous and odd as the N64 game. I don't see why anyone would want 3D VR South Park. What are you going to do in it?
Throw Snowballs?
cool demo. not that you could really make a game out of it, but i guess a lot of the vr experience on pc will be populated by neat little experiments like this.
The Oculus Rift is no gimmick, I assure you.
When I went to TooManyGames this year they had a little area with the Rift you could try out. I was in this demo where you were just looking around in space, with all of these Star Wars spaceships flying around. I gotta say it was pretty fantastic trying it out, and I can agree with this statement as a result.