Southern California fires

I hope everyone is safe. My condolences to those whom have lost their property.
I was woken up by my panicked sister at 5:30 this morning asking for help to go to her house and help her get some stuff out of her home. She had a mandatory evacuation and when I got to her home it was surreal. The mountainside right behind her neighborhood was on fire, ashes and embers, big pieces of debris on fire falling into the street. It was shocking, I could hardly breathe. We rushed to get as many important things as possible out of her home. The high winds are not helping with the situation. I hope she doesn't lose her home.
There's two active fires. Please stay safe guys... I am still in shock about the situation. My sister's story of people screaming, the knock on her door, the commotion... I can't even imagine those others that are worse off. Please be safe L.A. county and Ventura GAF. Wishing for the best.
Damn OP that description is the same I heard from my boss just now since her parents lost their house out in the Ventura area. Some coworkers of mine had to evacuate from the Sylmar fires as well.

I just moved closer to Downtown so thankfully I'm avoided the smell of smoke and all the ashes but I hope everyone comes out fine. I know these fires are more intense due to the high winds picking up yesterday also.


A lot of coworkers on T mobile have been unable to receive or send text messages. I wonder if it's due to the heavy traffic on the towers over here.


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As I was approaching Santa Monica from the east side this morning, I was shocked to smell the smoke and see the haze all the way down here! Good luck to those affected.


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God damn. That's awful. I don't keep up the best on this stuff when it's not around me (Norcal), but I was really hoping Cali could rest this final month of the year. =/

I really hope everyone can make it out from this, let alone still be able to enjoy Christmas.
Watching coverage of the Ventura fires was pretty scary seeing how deep the fires were spreading through residential areas just because of the winds carrying burning debris!

Also breaking news this morning a HUGE fire in Brentwood near Getty musuem broke out. I could see an eerie yellow glow in that direction from the freeway.

405 NB is closed completely. That's going to be chaos.
What's the cause? I mean, it's gotta be cold there, right?


You would think so but nope, it's been about 75-80 degree weather out here with a severe dryness + winds = fires.
Meteorologist in the area had already predicted these fires would begin and be intense as they are.

I didn't think about it WaterAstro but you have a point. The fire began a little before 5's cold and windy, doesn't make sense for a fire to start then... Hmm