Spanish twitter user who leaked Metroid Dread in early 2021 hints at another 2D Metroid game by MercurySteam in 2025


Dread was really mediocre. The controls were tight but the world was boring, art was basic, music awful.

Hopefully they can improve. I wish this leaker would tell us more about Prime, but I guess he has this info because he's in Spain.


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Joint GOTY for me. Perhaps it was just a weak year but I'll take 2 more.


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Hope this is true, Dread is an absolute gem of a game imo!
My GOTY. Literally one of the best games ever made. Flawless bosses. Flawless movement and control. Flawless pacing and difficulty level.

All they need is a better OST. Game was literally almost perfect. That final boss sequence was so good.
Keem them coming. They should be allowed to remake Super Metroid with the same game engine.
That game doesn’t need a remaster. It’s the closest to perfection we will ever get, and it more than holds up today.
A Super remake would just dumb it down and make it boring in comparison.
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