Special Edition Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Wii U confirmed [Hero Mode trailer]

edit: original trailer from nintendo back online!

edit4: nothing is known about it other than what you see in that picture/end of the video!
yay misinformation: it's official now: Wind Waker HD is $50 and the Limited Edition Wii U deluxe bundle will be $299

edit: seems Nintendo pulled that trigger too early and removed the video already.

screencaps win again!

edit3: goes along well with this:


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Personally I'm happy the Special Edition isn't that great. It means I won't have to buy another Wii U and sell the old one.
I want a Zelda gamepad. Looks nice. Shame it was enough of a struggle to convince me to buy one Wii U at a discounted price, let alone a second at regular price.


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don't find it bad at all. That being said, definitely not buying another Wii U (and/or trading my current one)

Now if it were a GOLD Wii U and Gamepad (like the Skyward Sword wiimote)

Yeah, even though it would be ugly as hell just for collectibility I would buy it.
As a Zelda fan and someone without a Wii U I would like a bundle but I don't want that control pad. Might have to just buy a normal Wii U Deluxe and the game separately when it comes out.


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so wtf is hero mode??? no recovery hearts? Do you at least get a refill when you get a full heart piece?

holy brutal.
Ugly stickers on a controller = SE console? Iwata is overdelivering in value.
I've never seen a Nintendo console banded as an SE or LE with "stickers" or "decals" adhered, they always look printed-on to me, like you'd expect. In fact, I don't remember seeing that with ANY limited console by a proper manufacturer like Sony or Microsoft.

People are just saying decal/sticker to downplay its addition.

With that said, it looks okay, but doesn't exactly get me excited. Just makes the pad look "busier."


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What's with the "m" in the .com? What a weird detail to miss, lol.

Edit : Oh, it just wasn't done animating, hah.