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Spencer and the CEO of Bungie playing Destiny right now


Jun 12, 2018
I would not be against that, Bungie Halo was best Halo, their FPS gunplay on consoles is impeccable.
I'm in a small minority that I likes 343i better .............................. or liked. I'm not sure who's left there anymore. That said I definitely wouldn't be opposed to Bungie taking it over again. Halo Reach is one of my all-time and forever favorite games, but so is Halo 4 so I'm good with either one as long as they make Halo Infinite AWESOME.


Jul 16, 2019
Bungie left because they didn't want to make Halos anymore, if by any chance they might be in for Infinity, its going to be for that only one.

If a possible reacquisition happens, I don't think they'll develop another one anyways, and considering that 343i job is that, I can only thing Bungie would be acting as a supervisor at best, or be a """parent""" company.