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SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME - Spoiler Thread


Watched this last night. With all the insane hype, and so many people proclaiming it to be the hottest thing since sliced cheese, I kind of had some big anticipation for it. What I got was.. eh.. I am still marinating, but it was OK. What they have done here is fairly novel - I mean, yes, the Spider-verse trope has already been done before in animated fashion, but it was fascinating to see it attempted in live-action with the actual previous actors and movie worlds. I was curious how the overlap would work, and I guess they did a good job of that, but for some reason it felt different than how I would have imagined it would go. Summoning them through magic portals felt funky.. actually basically ALL of the magic stuff felt funky and inconsistent ("it's magic, it doesn't have to make sense" yes but still!) Peter wanted Strange to concoct a spell so that he and his friends could go to MIT? I think the MCU has already proved that major hero characters aren't dependent on having secret identities/double lives, this was the best reason they could come up with? It felt sloppy and forced. Oh, the spell ended up being clunky and now all the other realities are going to merge into this one unless, for some reason, everyone in the world forgets that Peter is Spidey?
It's more the fact that he's considered by a large proportion of the population to be a murderer and his friends and family will not be able to be accepted in society as a result. Basically, everyone Peter is close to has to suffer for his mistakes.

Boss Mog

With some hindsight now, I think the movie, while good, wasn't extraordinary. It really is reliant on the Toby+Andrew nostalgia. You replace them with two other random spider-mans nobody knows and the movie feels a lot weaker. I honestly enjoyed Uncharted more.


I want to someone forced to make a Spider-Man film with a 1/4 of the typical budget. Yes, there would be losses, but I want something tangible.

I liked this movie a lot but all the MCU Spider-Man films feel like brittle plastic.
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