Splatoon 2: online Salmon Run only playable during timed events

Salmon Run is Splatoon 2's version of horde mode. It can be played locally at any time, or online with friends or randoms during certain times as seen here:
the game looks great but this is dumb and nintendo should be shamed for locking content behind a timer. it's bad behavior.
This was the mode I was most looking forward to playing with friends and a huge part of why I was getting the game. Going to have to rethink whether or not the game is worth it to me now.

And before anyone says "You can play it locally anytime!" - that's not practical for me or my friends. We don't hang out every day or even every week in person. Playing games over the Internet is what is convenient for us.
I mean, it basically looks like it just changes how they come in and attack on a daily basis. Which is good, because it mixes it up. (From what I'd assume)

You can also do this with friends at any time as they said in the direct.

Edit: ^ That might not be right. My B.
Isn't this just their way of encouraging everyone to try different modes and not just all horde the one mode?

It's all still playable locally whenever you want, so w/e. Don't like it, don't buy it.
This was actually announced during Treehouse Live for those paying attention. It was mostly overlooked since most didn't think that sounded realistic. It sounded very Nintendo tho so I kinda expected it... I'm personally fine with timed modes so no biggie for me, bigger issue is no single player Salmon Run for me.
Yeah, 24 hours every other day is fine by me, although I agree that I'd like the mode to be available always even if it was without any rewards.

I'll live with it.
People need to stop using the word "anti-consumer" for things they're unhappy about or don't agree with.

This may be disappointing and arguably even idiotic, but anti-consumer is a very strong word and the more it gets thrown around the more it loses its meaning.


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I mean, it sucks that we can't play it every day. But it being available all day every other day makes it to where it's not that bad.
Uuuuuuhm, this is just for the demo, right? It doesn't make sense to lock an entire online mode behind a time gate in the full game. If it is, explanations are needed.
I rarely hear or say that something is "anti-consumer" in my daily life, but on Gaf it gets thrown around on a goddamn daily basis. Stop it.

Getting back on topic: I wish the mode was available 24/7 but the screenshot only shows a period of two days during which the mode isn't available. I'm glad it's not the opposite with only two days of availability.

Edit: I missed that there's a gap between days. Still not super offended by this but I'm curious as to why they didn't make it 24/7 with rotating weapons/maps.
Anti-consumer? Really?

Like it's kind of dumb but I am trying to see any angle in which restricting a mode is anti-consumer and I cant find it.


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Most people will play PVP. They probably did that so a lot of people will play PVE when they get the chance?

Can't think of another reason.
I don't understand the problem. Many multiplayer oriented games use a similar timed system like this for certain modes. Play another mode, another game, go outside, go on a date? Seems like complaining just for the sake of it.
Uuuuuuhm, this is just for the demo, right? It doesn't make sense to lock an entire online mode behind a time gate in the full game. If it is, explanations are needed.
It's not for the demo. It looks like its going to be every other day events where you have to go with a certain weapon composition. They will likely cycle out different maps and weapons.

Lot of other online games do events, to maintain interest in those modes, which typically drop off after a while. It's not like it's actually braindead design. You can complain about it and say its stupid, but don't pretend like there are zero pros to this method. There are always pros and cons.
Also because no one is gonna bother to read: SALMON RUN MODE IS AVAILABLE FOR 24 HOURS, EVERY OTHER DAY. Just to be clear. I still think it's a silly limitation and a design decision I don't understand, but it's not that bad in practical terms.
Limiting modes (and maps) to certain times is really stupid. It was stupid in Splatoon 1 and it's going to be stupid here. Other Nintendo online games don't even do it.


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I'll play the shit out of it when it's available, but it should be available all the time. Pretty disappointing.

Though to be fair, it lasts 24 hours and seems like it's active more days than not. Makes it all the more confusing that they don't run it all the time though.