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Do you need to use the app to matchmake with friends or is that only for voice chat?
Just chat (and some other app-locked[?] features like purchasing certain clothing). The game uses a (locked or unlocked) room system for matchmaking, so friends can hop in without any app. Just have to let them know it's up, in person, through Messenger, phone call, Discord, the app, whatever.


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So with the Amiibo. Do you scan it once and keep the costumes? I need to know cause me and buddies need to split Amiibo buying if you can.
The first Splatoon game was so fantastic, it became my most played Wii U game. I'm sure it will also happen with the sequel. I've already added myself to the Friend Code List so I'm ready for some battles tomorrow.
I don't want to be spoiled much about the story mode, but have they fixed the Octarian's AI at all? I remember fighting them was a super anti-climax because they were dumb as rocks before. Felt worse than fighting the Space Pirates in the Metroid Prime games.
Still unsure if i am going to pick this up tomorrow. I cancelled my order last week because i just started the Zelda DLC and still enjoying Snake pass. And i need to save money. But i got that hankering as i'm just finishing things up on Zelda.

So i brought FF12 to have something meaty to focus on and play the other two in tandem... but ... i'm going to end up spending £80 on games when i didn't have to spend any aren't i?


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So excited for this! I have a bit of a busy weekend, but I'm hoping to squeeze in as much Splatoon as I can.

Friend Code: SW-7876-9541-5981
Same deal. I'm S/S+, but have some friends who are B~ Rank. So we can only really play Turf War, where we don't always end up on the same side. Trying to play Competitive Modes with them, they can't quite play ball with the S Ranks that show up. Not trying to toot a horn; one friend literally told me that he doesn't want to play Ranked with me because of the enemies it pits us against. A horde mode is THE perfect answer. Always together, a scaling difficulty, and also just the thought of a hoard mode in a game so mobility-focused sounds fun!
League Battle should fix this too though. This is because instead of using your ranks to determine who you face off against, you do 7 placement matches each rotation to get a rating for your teamy.

Going by the fest this works way better than anything they tried in 1.
Thanks. I have so many problems with online for the Switch. Really fucking annoying.
Have you managed to connect to any online games at all? As in, with other actual users in game? I had that issue until recently, and it was the DNS options on the Switch itself that needed amending.
Waited too long on Callie & Marie and the price even for the import listing on Amazon US went from $25 to $30 over the past few days, gah!

That's what I get for sitting on my hands I guess.
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