Splatoon 2 |OT2| From Smallfry to FlyFish in 5 Easy Steps!

Sloshers are not low skill weapons, get better and stop insulting people's brain capacity for using them, seriously, be better people.
Actually, I'll vouch for this whilst I'm here. Learn to space. Use Bombs/Sensors to force them to move in ways they don't want to. Don't hold forward on the stick and hold the fire button and expect to get the kill. Every death I've had against one, even those with laggy BS OHKOs, have all been due to me making some form of mistake.

Bucket did no wrong.

EDIT: Wow, 159 posts was the lowest on the Top 10 for the thread? Guess I'm safe for a while. XD
Splat gods have not been kind to me today. Yesterday i was 37-13. Today... 23-27. Splatoon is really like a wave. You rise up to an apex. Then come crashing down for a while only to rise up again etc etc...
I wish they would ease up on how you can buy abilities. I've played the game for about 50 hours now and still haven't got enough ability chunks to buy even one.
Aerospray is OP

pls nerf Ninty ;_;

Nah. They arent OP. As i said in the other OT, anyone who has any kind of range or speed can punish an Aero player pretty quickly.

I say this as a former Aero main. And now i main rollers. Aeros dominance is a bit of an illusion in my opinion cause of how effectively and quickly they can cover ground.
So yeah, a few things:

-All my teams suck!

-When I'm gonna be able to submit draws using the mobile app?

-I switch the Aerospray MG for the Tri-slosher!

-Just started using motion controls, didn't damage my teams but still fighting the controls, keep aiming horizontally with the stick.
It always bothers me that nobody aims for the Smallfry during the Griller phases, even while they're being attacked by them... even if they're the roller.

It's like seeing a Griller turns off everyone's common sense.