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Splatoon 2 |OT2| From Smallfry to FlyFish in 5 Easy Steps!


Holy shit why are my teammates so fucking useless right now. Zero wins and a 60 points down in the last half hour. Absolutely no one knows how to fucking play, how do they get to this level while being so fucking clueless.


I needed this gif lol


pearl >
what do you guys think of squidbagging?

I don't do it but it's fine. That people have gotten bans for it is ridiculous.

My go-to is just spamming Booyah! when my team is losing. Like, I'll literally be spamming Booyah! as I'm still swimming around / shooting / etc. I always have a finger on the D-Pad.


I was never a super active poster in this thread due to other responsibilities, but I really enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts about the game. I'll try to pop into the Discord more regularly and see if I can figure out the flow of that chat format. I always get confused by all the old messages. Will hope to see SM239 and crew randomly bomb my Turf War game on occasion and murder me some more, lol. That Brella night was stupid fun.

  • Moray Towers still sucks.
  • They nerfed the Tri-Slosher too much with the damage fall off and the developers should feel bad.
  • Don't paint your base at the beginning.
  • Aggro Sploosh players are annoying.
  • People who are good at Bamboozler are gods among men and I salute thee.
  • Please please please give this game a non-garbage Slosher kit (Sprinkler/Baller ain't it)
  • Branduil is bad at Salmon Run. :p
  • Flyfishes are the worst.

See y'all wherever.
Hey all just wanted to say thanks for all the memories, SplatoonGAF was great. Glad to see it so active and look forward to seeing you squid kids on the battlefield. If there’s a Discord would appreciate a PM or a DM on Twitter if you feel more comfortable there.
If anyone's got a SplatGAF discord link I would much appreciate it ^^ I was there before but I need a new invite.

Edit: Wow, this post is now edited!"


I'd be eager to jump in discord too if this community dies... (though I somehow hope things will settle down the road)

Toadsili T

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Just to let people here know, we recently revoked all invites to the Splatoon Discord (including the one in the OT) in response to the recent events on GAF. This was due to many of the GAF community discords alledgedly being attacked by trolls and spammers as GAF was down.

For those that want an invite, please PM me directly. To those that have already asked for one, I will PM you one time uses shortly.

EDIT: 1 PM every 10 minutes means this will go a bit slower than I thought...

Screw it. I'll just make a smaller, limited use invite here. One it runs out of uses I'll just renew it. Quote this post to see



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Has nintendo dropped the difficulty to move up the ranks in online ranked play all modes? I purchased the game day 1 for longest time highest rank I could reach was s+3 majority of time I was stuck between s+0 and s+1 all of a sudden past two weeks I am shooting up the ranks currently at s+9 in rainmaker s+5 in tower control you get the idea. Or am I just that good all of a sudden?


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I purchased the game day 1 have played majority of days since I low estimate I have sunk minimum 1,500 hours into the game online.
I purchased the game day 1 have played majority of days since I low estimate I have sunk minimum 1,500 hours into the game online.

Gezzsus, I've put probably 100 hrs into it and I thought that was alot. Finally did build up some perfect gear through the wonders of several splatfests and super sea snails. I've got a 3 star paintball mask with Ink Saver main as the main/ side abilities. Not far from leveling up my gold high horses to Run Speed up all the way through either, all I play is the regular matches and abit of salmon run, started to work my way through the dlc.


I play with a pro controller and activated motion controls. I am a gamer since round about thirty years. Splatoon 2 is, as far as I remember, the first game ever, that makes me sick. Its dizziness in combination with the feeling that I have to puke.


Is the GAF Splatoon 2 community still going? I’d like to get some groups going.

I think most of the activity moved to Discord, but I'm down to clown through the forums.

Been playing more Smash lately, but the SpringFest and update brough me back.

I didn't like the new specials and abilities at first, but Main Power Up is a HUGE buff to one of my favorite weapons (Custom Jet Squelcher), and it feels more like S1.


I've recently gotten back into Regular/Ranked battles if anybody is interested in grouping up, posting friend code

Friend Code: SW-6527-9991-0593
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