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Welcome to the Splatoon 2 Squid Research Lab! This thread will contain the regular updates the devs post on Twitter (JP) and Tumblr (English). Feel free to discuss about the updates or anything regarding the game.

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Jan 13th said:

The Squid Research Lab can confirm that Inkopolis Plaza is no longer the central hub of Inkling culture. Apparently a new location within Inkopolis known as ”Inkopolis Square" is now the most popular area for young Inklings. Many new businesses have opened shop in Inkopolis Square, and it is only two subway stations away from Inkopolis Plaza. We at the Squid Research Lab were surprised to learn that the center of Inkling culture has changed locations in such a short amount of time, but perhaps there is something to be learned about the Inkling way of life in all this. Or maybe we're just thinking about it too hard.

A Squid Research Lab special report:
As we suspected, Turf War is still the most popular sport among Inklings. The basic rules of this sport remain the same–two teams of four Inklings compete to cover the largest area of ground with their ink color within the allotted time. Inklings still eat, sleep, and breathe Turf War, and the sport still drives the direction of fashion, art, and language for Inkling culture.

We have found photographic evidence of one of the new battle stages in Splatoon 2. Inklings call this new area ”The Reef", presumably because it's a popular area to hang out when it's not being used for Turf War. The Reef is located a few blocks from Inkopolis Square, and it's home to some of the most popular boutique shops in the city.

Our research indicates that the mid-battle stage map has changed a bit. Apparently Inklings can press the X Button to view the map at any time during a battle. Once the map is open, they can then press the directional buttons and the A Button to Super Jump to a teammate. Each teammate is assigned to a different directional button, as is the spawn point. The map also features a cursor that can be moved by tilting the controller.
Jan 15th said:

The tried-and-true Splattershot hasn't changed drastically, so veteran Inklings will feel right at home with this weapon. We can also report that all previously existing weapon types, including Splatling and Slosher weapons, will appear in Splatoon 2. Stay tuned for further developments.

Interestingly enough, all of the special weapons that appear in Splatoon 2 are brand new. We've been able to secure an image of one of the new special weapons, but we're unsure of its name. To use it, an Inkling targets as many opponents as he or she can before firing. Once the weapon is fired, four homing missiles are launched at each targeted opponent.

This special weapon is called the Sting Ray. It fires a ray of pressurized ink that can shoot through walls and travel long distances, splatting any enemy players it touches Once activated, it's very difficult to change the direction of the ray.

This special weapon is the Inkjet. It allows its user to hover in the air, and features a blob launcher that can be used to shoot ink blobs at enemies below. It seems to be a very powerful weapon, but it also leaves its user rather exposed. Once this special weapon runs out, the Inkjet explodes, sending its user to the exact point they activated the special from.

This special weapon is called Splashdown. An Inkling who activates it will jump into into the air and then strike the ground, sending an explosion of ink onto nearby players and surfaces. This special weapon can also be activated mid-Super Jump, creating an explosion of ink upon landing. This technique may be very useful when coming to the aid of a teammate who is under attack.

I nearly overlooked it, but I've noticed the existence or a new type of subweapon. This new subweapon is called the Curling Bomb. I was shocked to learn that the Inklings are familiar with the sport of curling, which may be the greatest discovery of all. Once deployed, the Curling Bomb slides across the ground, bouncing off walls.

We haven't discovered any other new subweapons, but we'll keep our eyes open.

Updates without an official translation (from JP Twitter):
Interesting that they switched the jump button from X to B. Makes more sense based on where the analog stick is, though.
What I don't get is why they didn't use the unused L button to bring up the map and both the D-pad AND the AXY buttons to pick super jump targets. Are they removing beacons this time, d'you think?
One of my most anticipated games of the year. But I'll definitely miss having the map on the screen at all times. It was very intuitive.
Little Judd a clone? Exact same fur pattern...
Because Judd is the only mammal in the world of Splatoon, they actually continuously clone him so that there's always one alive. Maybe older Judd teaches smoll Judd what to do before he passes so what we're witnessing here is the overlap where both are alive.
Might also explain why he is so old and showed up in scrolls over 1000 years old in Splatoon 1.