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Splatoon Esports Tournament Series Launched In Japan - Over $1 million



The tournament will also be for Puzzle and Dragons, and will have over $ 1 million in prize money. Eight cities will hold 40 events, in Fukuoka, Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, Miyagi, Hiroshima, Kagawa, and Tokyo. It all culminates in the grand finals to be held on January 30 and 31 in 2016.

I am regularly watching Ink or Sink tournament matches on Twitch. This game is fucking amazing to watch, especially when hearing the party chat with team coordination, etc.
Splatoon ESPORTS baby.

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its amusing that nintendos first real go at a shooter is this ridiculously successful and is somehow new and interesting. very interested to see what the sequel will be like. I'm very hopeful that this competitive stuff goes really well so nintendo smells the money and does more stuff like that.


I thought prize money for tournaments were forbidden in Japan, change of policy ?
To my knowledge, it's specifically tournaments that charge an entry fee where the entry fee then contributes to the purse that are forbidden as gambling. There's nothing stopping a company from running a tournament as a promotional event with prizes paid out of their own pocket (hell, Arc Systems just ran an event like that for their games last week -- and have been doing so for several years).


Most of that money is probably for PvD. Misleading title!

If Nintendo wants to push Splatoon as an exports game, they will hopefully put in more esports-friendly features.


If they only had a Spectator mode, it could be very legit eSport.

People were unsure, but Nintendo has been trying to position it as a competitive online game. But without a Spectator mode it would be a difficult feat to achieve - I want to be able to have free control over a camera as I watch tournaments like this. Nintendo should work with some ex-Valve employees to learn about how to suss out the needed features.


Wonder how they'll handle the gear situation. Hopefully there'll be a way of transferring loadouts by then.
I believe it was posted in the Splatoon OT, all weapons are available but everyone wears the same gear (The full amiibo schoolgirl outfit)


It's for P&D and Splatoon. I don't know for sure but, given the popularity of P&D, I assume the vast majority of the prize money is for that.


Not surprised. It has the popularity to hold up I think. It not being a PC title could hurt, as esports in Asia are mostly PC games, right?

A lot of console shooters in the esports space soon. H5, Blops, GearsUE, and now Splatoon.


Misleading title, there is P&D money in there too, probably more than Splatoon.

It's not just a splatoon tourney, that prize pool is for all of it total. PaD is huge.

It's for P&D and Splatoon. I don't know for sure but, given the popularity of P&D, I assume the vast majority of the prize money is for that.

I have P&D in the OP.

also this is on the page.

Pretty big logo. Nintendo is probably putting most of the money.


IIRC Nintendo has been the special sponsor of togaiki for a few years, this doesn't means much.

For which games?

Monstergear is Sega

P&D is Gungho

What tournament games were Nintendo? What games were featured that Nintendo would sponsor?

Edit: Smash was featured before so that is why Nintendo was a sponsor.
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