Splatoon |OT4| You're a detriment to your squad


Want to get together with fellow GAFers and stage your own Turf Wars? You're in the right place.

Below is an NNID Exchange Google Spreadsheet. As of current you are free to add your own NNID.


Please do not share the Google Spreadsheet outside of GAF. If any abuse is caught it will be privatized and all inquiries will be handled privately.


The Splatoon GAF community primarily converses through Discord.

If you want to join in on the conversation, below is a great summation by Exile20 on how to set it up and how it works.

[B]Great features[/B]

Clear quality
Low CPU Usage
IP protection

Grab you cellphone with some headsets
Google Play: [url]https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.discord&hl=en[/url]
App Store: [url]https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/discord-chat-for-gamers/id985746746?mt=8[/url]
Windows/OSX apps: [url]https://discordapp.com/apps[/url]
Browsers: Firefox/Opera/Chrome

There is no permanent invitation system, the invitation only last up to one day so I will have to update this post with a new link everyday. If the link expires just msg me in NeoGaf and I will update it.

So please go to the [URL="http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=174018831&postcount=16932"]original post[/URL] for the most up-to-date invitation link.

Please quote to see the Discord invitation
[B][EMAIL="https://discordapp.com/invite/0Qx0ORQlC5t8GgTW"]QUOTE ME!!![/EMAIL][/B]

[B]Some Rules:[/B]

One team per room
Don't be an ass
Be nice
Be supportive
Please leave the text/voice chat room if not in a group playing a game
If someone is being a idiot beyond reason then screen cap and send the image to me and I will either warn or ban them.

I set up rooms like this: 
Voice chat - Splatoon1
Text Chat - Splatoon1

Voice chat - Splatoon2
Text Chat - Splatoon2

and so on.....

So basically you join both rooms together so you can text and voice chat with your team. Once again, if you are not on the team in the chatroom, please leave so as to not add noise.

There is also a "chatforeveryone" room so everyone can join to text with each other.

I hope this program will get some use and make Splatoon a lot easier to communicate.

If anyone has any ideas on other settings I can use please not hesitate to msg me.

[B]Keep on Splatting.[/B]
Mobile/Bandwidth-Friendly GAF

Splatoon OT

General Information
Platform: Wii U
Developer: Nintendo EAD Group No. 2
Genre: Third-Person Shooter/Platformer
Players: 8 Players (Online), 2 Players (Local)
Price: $59.99 / £34.99 / €39.99 / ¥5700
Size: 1.8 GB

Release Date
US / EU: May 29, 2015
Japan: May 28, 2015
Australia: May 30, 2015

Splatoon is a brand new IP from Nintendo, and their take on the third-person shooter genre. Take control of a brand new all-star cast; a race of squid-kids called Inklings, and battle it out in an all-out turf war. Cover the territory in ink, and use the constant shifting dynamic to your advantage by transforming into a squid and surfing up the colorful splatter in high speed! In this new action game, pro-activity is always the name of the game, and each action taken counts on the messy, colorful road to victory.

The core of Splatoon is comprised of it's multiplayer. This is designed predominantly around online skirmishes, where 8 players divide into two teams, and battle it out for turf dominance. Battling online increases your Level, and will earn you plenty of perks and spoils to use in the process. Online modes come in two varieties - Regular and Ranked. To play in Ranked you need to have attained Level 10 in Regular battles. You will also be ranked by Skill levels in Ranked battles to assist matchmaking.

Turf War (Regular Battle) divides players into two teams and has them battle for who can cover most turf in the team's selected color paint.
Splat Zones (Ranked Battle) will see teams battle for control of a capture point in a King-of-the-Hill style mode. This mode will only be unlocked after a several amount of players have crossed Level 10.
Tower Control (Ranked Battle) is Splatoon's take on the similar TF2 mode Payload. Teams have to take control of a tower and deliver it to the opposite end of their point. This mode will be made available during Summer 2015.
Rainmaker (Ranked Battle) is a Capture-The-Flag inspired mode where you need to deliver the titular Rainmaker to the opponent's end of the map. The twist is that the player carrying the Rainmaker will move slower, but be able to fire supercharged Inkzooka shots.
Battle Dojo is Splatoon's local multiplayer mode. One player will use the Wii U Game Pad to play and the second player will use a Pro Controller on the TV. Both players battle to pop most balloons and collect power ups.

Featured as well is a fully fleshed out single player component with it's own set of tools and gimmicks. In Splatoon's single-player campaign (Hero Mode), you venture deep into the subterranea of Inkopolis in search of the city's stolen power source. You find yourself at the heart of Octo Valley, home to an exiled race of militant octopi: the Octarians. Here you must rely on your wit, your weapons, and your agility - and move swiftly and decisively into enemy territory!

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So many mediocre thread titles

Needed to be "It costs 400,000 gallons to hold this zone for 12 seconds"

And again, what s rank bonus points?
Shouldn't the OT be updated with info about the 2.0.0 features? Private battles are no longer required to be 4 vs. 4, for example?

Shouldn't the OT be updated with info about the 2.0.0 features? Private battles are no longer required to be 4 vs. 4, for example?
Going to update the OP this weekend. I'm going to be gone the entire Friday and haven't had much time otherwise unfortunately.

Groups of squids are called squads.

That's it for good OT title suggestions from the poll. :p
By the time I was finished looking through some suggestions it turns out people already preemptively made a poll lmao.

Didn't want to risk people getting upset again at choosing a different title than most wanted.
10:00 PM EDT~2:00 AM EDT maps

Turf War-Arowana Mall, Bluefin Depot
Splat Zones-Urchin Underpass, Moray Towers

Also I guess I'll repost for the new thread, if anyone wants to set up a lobby for dumb silly gimmick matches (such as all brush, all bucket, etc), just say so.
The OT3 hall of shame didn't make it into NotLiquid's posts, but I think it's notable that Azure and I are number 1 and 2 with a difference of only one post between us
Sweet, OT 4! Couldn't have happened to a nicer game.

I'm about to hop in game, probably for some turf war for now. Hopefully some of you are around, I had a lousy randoms experience earlier today.
The OT3 hall of shame didn't make it into NotLiquid's posts, but I think it's notable that Azure and I are number 1 and 2 with a difference of only one post between us
Couldn't cap it since I'm on mobile. If anyone else can get it, I'll throw it in if people want it.
You should add the official Splatoon website in the original post even though it's only in Japanese at the moment, it allows people to see the current and upcoming stages.
Yeah, it will be added. Things that I'll hopefully have added tomorrow -

  • Splatoon Web Portal
  • Updated Multiplayer info
  • Updated FAQ
  • Updated Stage list (outdated as hell since I lost the PSD for that one)
  • Updated weapons info. Maybe.

Don't worry guys, it'll be done. I just really need to snooze now since I have a long day ahead tomorrow.
Hooray, new OT thread! Splatoon continues to roll.

Finally got a chance to play the 2.0 updates.

The Slosher is really, really fun so far. It actually reminds me of the .96 Gal in a weird way, how you sometimes have to chase for that second hit. The Burst Bombs are such a great subweapon for this thing... Gives the weapon a different dimension and different ways to poke damage on people. Played a lot of rounds on Blackbelly with it, and marveled at how awesome it is around the boxy corners and stuff. So great for applying pressure to some of those ledges that the snipers like to sit on that map.

Thought it played surprisingly well against rollers. Jumping backwards and shuffling forward at them was pretty effective when they would get aggressive. I wonder if jumping is really helpful with this weapon? Can't get a great rhythm going yet trying to hop in and out.

Didn't enjoy the Heavy Splatling. I did okay with it, but every encounter without a Splash Wall setup was somewhat terrifying and made me with I had a Splattershot or something. That quick-charge-kill is really satisfying when you get it, but kinda finicky and precise. Brushers and rollers like to run right up to me and chargers just pick me off. It did well against the Squelchers and stuff, though.
OT4 now? Nice OT.

Would like to join squad battles with you guys if only work isn't getting in the way lol.

And, I love the Splatling. Hard to use but still awesome to wreck opposing teams with it.