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Splatoon promotion has begun - Nintendo starts 'Add color to your world' ad campaign

I've got to hand it to Nintendo, they're really taking Splatoon seriously. I'm not sure how successful it's going to be, but at least they're trying. I love how colorful everything looks!



Day 1 for sure. I really hope this is a good game and we can get the WiiU's library bigger with more great games.

Also, this game is all about colours, so great campaign that could come with some skid amiibos (hope we never lose)
I'm so freakin' excited for this game. I really hope the single player campaign is a lot of fun. I also hope the game sells well so Nintendo gives us a sequel on their next platform!
I want to add color to my world ASAP! This game looks to be a blast. I hope there are options for local multiplayer in addition to online.



God, I wish they released Splatoon five years ago when the Wii was still doing well. Sales are going to be limited by the Wii U's low install base.

I wish that was true for all the IPs new to the Wii U... oh well.
A guess that goes to show that a console bombing has really lasting implications...

I hope this game does well enough for the sequel splatwon. ...splatwoon? ...spla2oon?

Not with THAT attitude

Seriously, people that push the "New IP from Nintendo will bomb" narrative are awful.

I'm buying Splatoon day 1 but what makes you think that a new IP launching on a struggling system from a company who has a history of botching online games won't bomb? I have very little faith that it will have legs like Mario Kart/Smash/Zelda but hope that I'm wrong.


What do you expect Nintendo to do, avoid new IPs entirely this generation?

I wasn't implying that they shouldn't make new IPs, but rather it's possible that games like Splatoon/TW101/etc... might be one-and-dones because of the lack of sales potential.

I think Splatoon might become a franchise despite its sales, TBH.


Doesn't read OPs, especially not his own
Not with THAT attitude

Seriously, people that push the "New IP from Nintendo will bomb" narrative are awful.
Yeah, same with the platinum games are going to bomb narrative, there's a word for it but I can't quite remember it, self fulfilling prophecy, that's it.
Add color to your world just makes me think of the N3DS faceplates . I can think of the commercial in my head now, why NOA?! ;-;

Anyway , I was wondering when the push for Splatoon was going to start. I'm really exicted for this and I do think this will do well.


Splatoon is a day 1 for me and I won't even buy a Wii U.

The Amiibo edition of the game should look fantastic in my collection. I also want to encourage Nintendo financially when they make new IPs, I'm quite sick of Mario.
Best original Nintendo game since the n64 days for me. Can't wait! I have played it at e3 and pax, this game is the real deal! I just hope it has mic/chat support.
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