Splatoon seems to be developing quite the fan art following already....

Some great art here... I've been looking for an excuse to revive my deviantart account and start drawing again... E3 and this thread inspired me to do Splatoon as a start :eek:

Teaser (just finished the line-art, will begin colouring tomorrow!):



Seeing all this art makes me really want a saturday morning like Splatoon cartoon.

Would watch every weekend before work.


Was gonna suggest someone do one on the squid they saw at the bottomof a oil rig only to find out from your link that thats what this is based on, too many tentacles makes it hard to recognize what squid she was suppose to be.

Guess I should have emphasized its gangliness more.

Doesn't help that there are like 5 pics of the Bigfin Squid in existence.


That is the default option, I think, but it can be turned off if the player doesn't like.

Thanks! I never had a chance to play it at E3, and from the videos it looked like a lot of the action was being controlled by the tilt functionality of the gamepad. But considering there's local multiplayer, and only one gamepad works at a time, clearly the option to control the camera on the right analog nub is a viable option.


Stupid Question: From the videos I've seen I can't tell, but do you control your Y axis with Tilt controls?

There's a few different settings. The default seems to work a bit like standard dual analogue controls but with a little y axis tilt controls on top for fine tuning.
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