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Splinter Cell returns! (Sort of)

Looks like Ubisoft is working on a PvP multiplayer game that combines Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, and The Division.

Not much is known about it, but fans of stealth multiplayer may have a reason to be excited...

Color me intrigued. Sneaking around a large scale team game (instead of being forced to shoot everything) sounds like it has potential. Will be interesting to see how they manage to make players actions feel meaningful if this is indeed large scale multiplayer.
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At this point, we Splinter cell fans are getting middle finger. Good for you AC, FC fans, you guys get to enjoy your new games, while we are crushed like this.
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Wasn't this announced already? And wasn't it a mobile game?



The only non-F2P / non-GaaS games getting released from Ubi at this point are the ones that have been in development for 2 years and within a year of being released. After this strategic shift, a proper Splinter Cell is simply not going to happen anymore if it's not in the final stretches of development.


Hmm… cautiously optimistic. I mean, it’s not a new Splinter Cell game like I want, but I’m willing to give it a shot.


Dont get your hopes up with Screwbisoft.
SC is dead... and maybe for the better because they would just eff up any new "iteration" into some VR fps kind of crap or whatever flavor of the week the marketing jerks think is coolaid nowadays.


What time is it?
Even traditional Splinter Cell would get me excited but of course we get this. Thanks Ubisoft.
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