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Square’s Avengers - worth it now?


With the Black Friday sale on PS , Square’s Avengers game is a measly $16.99. I played the beta and was meh about it, but I’m sure it’s changed a lot since launch.

Is it worth it? I would love a decent coop game to play online with my brother. We just picked up Outriders on sale on Amazon for $20, and this might be another one.

Anyone still playing it? Is it worth the $17?
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The Wakanda expansion is pretty good (the Hawkeye and Kate Bishop ones aren't that great). The campaign + Wakanda is worth playing for $17.


The Wakanda expansion is pretty good (the Hawkeye and Kate Bishop ones aren't that great). The campaign + Wakanda is worth playing for $17.
Are all of the current expansions still free? It's 17 bucks on Steam too, might jump in for that price if it includes everything.


I bought it pretty cheap and thought it was mediocre throughout. It started good then it became a snooze fest to which point I couldn’t even finish the Wakanda dlc.


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Finished the campaign on free weekend, it was good, not great, 7/10.
I do intend to try the wakanda stuff on gamepass.

Guardians of the Galaxy are in another league though. GOTY level.
the problem is the game is very bullet spongy, until u start making builds. If u dont play the game a certain way, and just mash buttons and try to play it like an arcade beatem-up or like Arkham/Spiderman....then it will feel very monotonous. Because unlike Arkham/Spiderman...the controls aren't as tight and animations aren't as fluid. And u do not have a dozen gadgets at ur disposal. It feels more like Ultimate Alliance or something like League of Legends or Overwatch. Where u just got like 3 abilities that are on cooldowns.

the trick is to using the "loot" and making builds to smash enemies quicker and get ur cooldowns lower.


I guess it comes down to a question of how much do you play/how many recently released games have you already finished? Because in my opinion the game is okay, but even at $17 I could very quickly come up with two dozen games that are much better and cost the same or even less.

I guess another way to say it is, if you've played every single halfway decent game that's $20 or less, then yes go ahead and play the Avengers. Otherwise, I think you can do better.
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Yes, the Spider-Man DLC is coming out next week and the story mode is good (Kamala is annoying tho but you have to deal with her because they made her the main character 🙄)


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The campaign has some highs, but not many, and overall it's just a very poor game. They fail to even sell their version of the Avengers. The only one they kind of get right is Bruce Banner. I'd seriously pass on this game unless it was free.


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It’s like asking if projectile diarrhea is worth having…


Kamala was surprisingly fun and an interesting character in the campaign. I wasn't sure what to think going into it but was pleasantly surprised. Playstation is the only platform worth getting it for since they're locking Spiderman to PS only. There's not even any crossplay so it's a pathetic scene on PC and Xbox, though the PC version of course looks and runs the best.
Iron Man has a cool intro. Im enjoying the game but it definitely is uneven. Some parts look like uncharted and then other parts have the most cringe dialogue I've ever heard and repetitive robot enemies.

The story has some moments. Cool villain honestly. I can only recommend this on a deep sale. On Gamepass I've been enjoying it in spurts but its around a 7/10 because the quality is so uneven. Lots of highs and lots of lows.
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