Square Enix announces Deus Ex: The Fall for iOS [Up: $7 price, Video Footage]



Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=p1b8k469DbY

Deus Ex: The Fall will retail for £4.99 / $6.99, and this "first instalment of the mobile series" will be available in the summer.

I never asked for this

The next Deus Ex game will be a first-person RPG shooter for iPhone and iPad. Its name Deus Ex: The Fall.

According to Jean-François Dugas, executive game director at Eidos-Montréal, this will be the "full Deus Ex experience", which means "exploration, action, hacking, stealth, social enhancers, player choice, and consequence.
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As a side note Square Enix is intending to make tons of things like this for iOS, be prepared!

You're not Wario64.

Man, that screenshot looks pretty good. Is it real? I don't have a iPhone/iPad, so I have no idea how great games could possibly look.
Square and their iOS games.
Still they put a decent amount of work in some of their efforts. I'd be interested in this at a sale price. Might as well try it out.

you'd think it can't be THAT OBVIOUS when the name is teased .. but it turns out .. yes it IS a fucking iphone game .

just fuck.. wow.


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I don't own any iOS devices.

I guess I'll steal my housemate's.
I wonder if they will take advantage of Wii U's dev tools to quickly port this game to that platform, considering how much better these games sell on dedicated game platforms than phones or tablets, and they will likely be very happy to push to price to $20-30 where they will likely sell it for $16? on ios like their FF3 remake.