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Square Enix announces Dragon Quest Heroes 2 for PS3/PS4/Vita



Today Square Enix put up a teaser campaign on the Dragon Quest Heroes site in Japan asking fans to click and kill 100 slimes at a time to unlock a major announcement with 10 million kills. After 10 million kills, they released the teaser announcement that Dragon Quest Heroes 2 was in development for PS3, PS4, and Vita. Is this an April Fool's joke? I don't think so because it would be a really dumb "joke" to announce the sequel to a popular new game which people are anticipating more of just to go "kidding!".

Update: After April 1st ended at midnight, the site has updated thanking everyone for participating in the successful campaign. There is no announcement that it was a joke. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Update2: They updated the total slime kill score for all of April 1st, and then up the minigame back up for everyone to play. It still has the teaser announcement, so it definitely doesn't seem like any sort of gag.


yeah, announcing a sequel to a game that sold well recently seems like a pretty bad joke

unless the vita port is the punchline


Tomodachi wa Mahou
The joke is the game doesn't really exist. They're announcing DQ11 tomorrow duh. The heroes part of the logo is cut out so it just reads "Dragon Quest 11". Its not actually a 2.


Duckroll, we're talking about Square-Enix here. The master of trolls. :p

I'm leaning towards real too though, I'm just surprised it's announced so soon. Was expecting it at Sony's pre-TGS conference.


No one wants a throne you've been sitting on!
Since its still April first Id like to think its a joke for now.

As it would be even more stupid to have an actual "real" announcement on April first.

Though if it is real would not really be surprised either with how well received the current title is.

Would imagine if they were to do a proper announcement something around TGS no?


Big companies can have horrible senses of humor, so I wouldn't put it past them that this is a HILARIOUS APRYL FULES PRANCK.


Is this an April Fool's joke? I don't think so because it would be a really dumb "joke" to announce the sequel to a popular new game which people are anticipating more of just to go "kidding!".

This is Square Enix we're talking about here. I wouldn't put it past them
I don't trust anything announced today...

Will check back in tomorrow...

It's not that I don't think they will produce a sequel, or even that it will be cross playstation, I just don't trust April 1st.
As noted by some people, the announcement was supposed to be for april 2nd and SE already had their april 1st joke in japan.

Also it's 1 hour to midnight to april 2nd in japan, they wouldn't make a last minute april's fool joke like this.


That's rather soon. I'm guessing this is going to end up being more of an XL style expansion pack rather than a true sequel.


It's the odd combination of an announcement that sounds eminently plausible, coming at a time that feels Far Too Soon. I've no idea if I think it's a gag or not.


Well that didn't take long at all if it's not an April Fool's joke (and that'd be quite a lame joke to make). It's very unsurprising that a sequel to a game that sold a lot of copies is being made though.


Didn't the original one run poorly on PS3, I remember reading that here.

unless they're downgrading the textures to hell like they've done with the newer musou vita games

Remember how Omega Force managed to downgrade Gundam Musou from a PS3 game to a PS2 game and slapped SPECIAL on the title? Lol.


It might be April fools though lol
Need to make sure it stays this way tip April 2nd :p (about an hour till the date changes in Japan)


A sequel to the game that just came out?..... Has it even been a month?! Seems a bit weird to announce it that quickly.. they could have at least waited a few months.


With everything last year getting delayed to 2015, then things getting delayed to 2016, this is gonna be the April Fools of all April Fools right?


I posted this in the April Fools thread. It might be a dumb joke to pull, but I'm still cautious nonetheless. I'll wait another hour until it hits April 2 and see if anything changes before reporting it. :3


Tomodachi wa Mahou
Dragon Quest 11 confirmed.

Yeah something like this would be such a great April Fools joke. Would make sense! Going from PS4/PS3 to PS4/PS3/Vita for Heroes 2 would be weird considering how shitty the PS3 version was for the first game and the fact the game just came out in the first place.
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