Square Enix announces Guns N' Souls feat. Song Summoner for iOS/Android


( ≖‿≖)
Saw SE and Guns and automatically thought Gunslinger Stratos.

We'll see I guess. Hard to say anything about it so far.
So, I think this game is a retelling or a sequel of Song Summoner, or something along those lines.
Also, the game seems to be a Japan exclusive since the "spec" part says "Region: Japan" ):. Coming out soon on iOS.
Though there are no gameplay details, I assume you get cards/units by loading songs from your device, that's how it worked on the original Song Summoner at least. Presumably they'll sell better units through IAP, or something like that. I'm really curious about how this works, I guess you equip the cards or something? Hopefully we get more details soon.