Square Enix announces Guns N' Souls feat. Song Summoner for iOS/Android

Mar 2, 2009
Santiago, Chile
Free to play with item micro transactions.
Character Design by Roberto Ferrari (Previously worked on Song Summoner and Final Fantasy XV)
Scenario by Yukinori Kitajima (Chaos Rings series, Senran Kagura series, 428, Professor Layton VS. Ace Attorney, Ace Attorney 5 http://synthese.jp/contents/works/index.html)
Japan only it seems. Coming out soon for iOS, Android in 2014.
Though there are no gameplay details, I assume you get cards/units by loading songs from your device, that's how it worked on the original Song Summoner at least. Presumably they'll sell better units through IAP, or something like that. I'm really curious about how this works, I guess you equip the cards or something? Hopefully we get more details soon.