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Square Enix considering playable female character DLC for Final Fantasy XV

Which female character do you want to see as Final Fantasy XV DLC?

Results are only viewable after voting.


May 11, 2016
Provo, UT
See you tomorrow.

Ploid 3.0

Jun 6, 2004
How did they not look out of place in FFVII and FFVIII's realistic worlds then? In FFVII Titan, an underwear-wearing giant man, was lying around in a junkyard inside a red ball, lol. FFs always juxtaposed realism and fantasy.

So much looked weird in FF7 that it all looked ok, cartoony even, they all look sort of chibi. FFXV is closer to uncanny valley when it comes to seeing Titan and Ramuh in it's realistic looking open world. Again Leviathan looked great in it's shot, lots of water, and game looking buildings, it just looked like a incredible video that could be passed as a past FF CG movie. I didn't play it nor do I remember much, but even FF13 looked anime with it's art style. FF14 looks great as well, it's summons, and art style when it comes to summons (please SE give your summoners real summons, not those lame egis. PS3 is out now, I'm sure PS4 can handle it!)

Oops I may have been mistaken. I thought the giant humanoid was the titan of this game. It seem like this could be titan. If so this one looks a lot better. The giant human creature just looks odd. Edit: Oh wow, I screwed up. This is FF13's Titan hahahahaahaha. I'll leave this in because it made me laugh at myself hard. FF13 did look good though, nice art I just didn't like the way the gameplay sounded. Seemed quite boring. What lead me to think it was FF15's. I searched titan ff15 in google and saw this in the image search. I thought it looked good so looked for what it was. I didn't remember the real titan being called by that name, I figured that I assumed it was titan all this time. Anyway, I'll just wait for more summons to be shown, and I don't mind the summons appearance. I'm sure they will look cool in their own ways.

I'm looking forward to this game's release a bit more now because I want to see how it turns out, what is what, how much people enjoy it, and how far the hunts go (loved hunts in FF12, I hear hunts wasn't as good in FF13).


Oct 22, 2012
i would go for luna, but after seeing her in kingsglaive, i dont like her.

i dont know the other bunch of female characters... so iam going with lightning. i would love to see some black haired final fantasy females, but aryan females is the way to go for the audience in the west :(

edit: gentiana should have been my vote, but i still dont the others except for luna and lightning.


Dec 8, 2011
I have no idea who any of those characters are, so I voted for Lightning.

It would be hilarious if Lightning turned up.
Aug 22, 2015
I thought Lightning was hated WHY does she have a whopping almost 500 votes D:

Because Lightning is hated and people expect her to be playable since Square Enix seems to like this character and just threw 3 fucking games starring her at us. And nobody actually asked for this so they basically brainwashed everyone and now we get Lightning, deal with it.

Did I say that I hate her?

Please let it be Iris.


Apr 27, 2008