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Square Enix revealing a "secret title" at E3 with IGN

Square Enix is revealing a "secret title" at E3 this year, according to an email party invite. The invite describes the IGN-sponsored event as "an E3 party for a secret title from Square Enix." The image shows the Atlantic Ocean, with various countries across the globe blurred. Check out the invite below (with the party details at the bottom removed by us):

*Full disclosure: IGN's Editorial team and IGN's event organizers operate independently. As such, IGN Editorial has no insight into the event, its organizers, or the project partnership.
Isn't this, like, 3 threads now?

Maaan if Square doesn't deliver on this one there will probably be some backlash =P

Hopefully it's more than Hitman.

Son Of D

Final Fantasy XVI obviously.

Knowing Square Enix I actually wouldn't be that surprised if that was announced soon.


Ah, PC exclusive Map Simulator is here. In all seriousness, I can only really think of Hitman, but there is always a possibility of a new console RPG


or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Realize This Assgrab is Delicious
It will be anything that your 90s mind won't think of when you read the words "Square revealing a title".


Impossible for me to get hyped by any announcement squenix has up its sleeve. They always manage to dissapoint.
It's not going to be anything on that level in the same year they have their own conference. At best it'll be a PSN/XBL title with a moderate budget and a little bit of pedigree behind it. Hitman? LOL. Unless we're talking about new mobile Hitman.
IO have been makingg a new Hitman since 2013. It's about time for a reveal.
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