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Square Enix trademarked Deus Ex: Human Defiance [The film]



I'm guessing it's the Wii U version of HR rumored. maybe new game?
Why is this even happening...The game will be almost 2 years old if it's actually released on the WiiU. Surely they could have spent their money porting something more recent and not sure to bomb


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A port wouldn't necessitate a key word change in the title. I'm assuming it's a sequel to HR.


Fail misread.

Edit: Probably is a new game. I don't see why a port would change the name by replacing a word. They usually add something to the title.
If it's just a Wii U port, I'd be slightly confused. First, why change the title? You're just going to confuse an audience on exactly what this is. Next - why now?

So maybe it's more than that. A port-and-a-half. A Super Mario 64 DS situation - where it's a port with a sizable amount of new content.

Or maybe Nintendo's going all-in and is going Bayonetta 2 with the next Deus Ex game. WHO KNOWS IT'S A GODDAMN TRADEMARK THESE THINGS ARE ALMOST ALWAYS BULLSHIT


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If this is a sequel and both this and Human Revolution are coming to Wii U, I will buy both. No joke, Square Enix. Now, I'm asking for this.


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Assuming its a sequel to HR, think they'll bring Jensen back?


Currently polling second in Australia's federal election (first in the Gold Coast), this feral may one day be your Bogan King.
Human Revolution -> Human Defiance sounds like a sequel to me.

See I was going to post this, but I felt idiocy was more appropriate.

A “major Canadian company” has various vacancies available for a “semi open-world action adventure title that responds to player choice and interaction.”

The project, according to the listing, is based upon an existing IP which is a “well known and respected action/adventure title, with elements of choice and stealth within the gameplay.”

Future iterations of the franchise also “intend to really take advantage of the new platforms coming in the next two years to provide an experience with unparralled realism, depth and consequence for player action and choice.”



Yes please.

In today's market, I'm still somewhat in disbelief that we got a Deus Ex sequel at all, but we could certainly use more. There is still an audience for thoughtful game design that doesn't lead players by the nose.


I wouldn't mind a cross-gen sequel. As others have pointed out, I don't think they'd change the name that much for a port of Human Revolution.


Well considering the after credits scene of Human Revolution
and this game being called Human Defiance I want to assume its a remake of the first game?
They'd better. Somehow. Jensen was awesome.

Have it set decades later and we'll play as Old Jensen. Kept alive via nanomachines and hodge podge augmentation.

If you set it decades later, you risk running into Deus Ex 1 time period where mech-augs are old gray golems at flea markets to scare the children, or even worse, post-Deus Ex 1 (AKA the Unspoken Years).
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