Square Enix Trademarked 'Final Fantasy Dimensions'

With a name like that, you'd have to assume 3DS, definitely. Although that said, I made similar assumptions once upon a time about Ridge Racer Revo, so...
I think it's gonna be either some spin off that I don't care about or some full fledged game that I am excited about at first, then no longer care about because it'll take 10 years to make and still manage to be a disappointment.
Re-released 2-pack of FF 7 and 8 for the PC on Steam optimized for Windows 7/Vista, modern resolution/widescreen settings and built in 360 controller support.

Nope :(

Could this be Type-0 re-branded for the West?


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Dimensions makes it obvious that it should be a 3DS game. The only question is what the actual game is since the Final Fantasy brand has been abused beyond recognition.
To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Final Fantasy, a game where Gilgamesh is the leading character hopping through dimensions visiting all the past Final Fantasy worlds doing stuff.
Sounds like a social/smartphone game to me, somehow.

That might be because everything's nowadays a social/smartphone game nowadays, though :p
So, what could it be?
-a new game to be announced in both Japan and the West
-a game already announced in Japan which doesn't have a release confirmation in the West
-something other than a video games?