Square Enix wants to bring more mobile games West; Star Ocean and Dissidia doing well

This is from another presentation Edge_Maverick noticed.

I mention the second part since Square Enix usually only brings their successful mobile games over, and only the ones in brands that they believe have some chance of success overseas, which these two would plausibly fit.

To be clear, the title refers to the two mobile games Star Ocean: Amnesis and Dissidia: Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia.

Square Enix said:
Q: What will drive earnings in FY2018/3?

Smart Devices: We are hard at work on development efforts leveraging both new
and existing IP ahead of launches slated for FY2018/3. We will also continue to
bolster our overseas offerings, including to China and the Western markets.


In the Smart Device sub-segment, we launched ”STAR OCEAN" in 3Q and ”DISSIDIA
FINAL FANTASY" in 4Q. Based on their strong start, we have high hopes for the way
Source: http://www.hd.square-enix.com/eng/news/pdf/17q3outline.pdf

They repeat basically the same thing here too: http://www.hd.square-enix.com/eng/ir/pdf/20170303_01en.pdf