Square Enix's new plan: Eidos focus = online games; Japan accelerating work on phones

Where's my android version of secret of mana squeenix.

Although, if they keep this up, I might just forget about everything squeenix (and square or enix) did ever.
I wonder whether these movements bombing would actually make them go back, or just kill them outright.

Probably just pick up new shitty trends to focus on, I guess it's a casualty of getting as big as they did.
Does the Eidos division even have a forte for online play? Looking through their game history I can't see too many games that were heavy online focused. Very odd business decision.
Man, it was pretty cool when you could just buy a game. I'm not strictly against Game As Service but, like, maybe not all of them though.
I do wonder if they're mainly just showing off what the investors really want to hear about while still making stuff more along the lines of what we want.

But even at best it sounds like a minimized focus, and really does keep the trend of how every generational shift has me looking back fondly on the SE of the prior generation... now that it's seemingly reached the point where I miss them making games I wanted PERIOD. Though I guess that means if this continues they really will be dead next-next gen.
Im really impressed how SE is talking the two approach that brought down a lot of companies last gen: Making games with online integration and trusting the shaky mobile market.

I hope Level 5 and Sega Sammy acquire a lot of IPs and talent from the inevitable bankruptcy bids.