Square is selling $10,000 porcelain plates to commemorate Romancing Saga's 25th year

Square Enix is selling limited edition porcelain plates to celebrate Saga's 25th anniversary. The plates are a special product of Saga Prefecture in Kyushu, with whom they are having a joint promotion. Prices range from the fairly affordable 6000 yen (about $60 US) to the wtf!! 1,080,000 yen (about $10,500 US) at the bottom. I had to do a double-take on the price........

Personally (having lived in rural Japan myself) i think it's pretty cool they're doing a year-long promotion with a small southern prefecture

found via Intermezzo

This is one of the $60 plates

This one is one of the $10,500 plates
Do not buy collector plates. They're essentially worthless.

I have a friend who bought $5K worth of Bradford Exchange plates back in the 80s/90s. They're worth nothing today. Don't make the same mistake that he did.
The least they could do is give you some food with those. Nice going to anyone that has enough money to waste on such a thing.
Considering the markup on those plates, the food would probably be like a $200 Square-Enix veggie tempura or something. And you'd ruin your "valuable" collectible!
Wow that's some cheap crap lol. Fans will eat it up though so very good move by SE.
Some are nice though but you pay massive for those. Make no mistake that the $60 plate is the equivalent of a gift shop plate.
seems like a terrible waste of money for something that'd look really tacky in someones home lol.

"hun, we are having guests over for diner tonight, can you get out the really nice SAGA commemorative plates?" :p
The Roma Saga news everyone had been waiting for. Jesus, SE, can you be more of a joke?
At least this plate is functional.... people pay $200 for statues that sit on shelves and have no function other than to sit on a shelf. At least you could eat off this plate if you wanted. I'm talking about $60 one not the $10,000 one. I don't see any issue with them selling plates to be honest.