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SquareEnix Presents @ E3 2021 on June 13 12:15pm PT

Seems like mostly SE Montreal Stuff:

Final Fantasy?

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Man, when the only game you're excited for by Square Enix is Life is Strange you know things are meh.

Hope True Colors is good though. I really like the setting.
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Either final fantasy 16/Origins will be a surprise or they are keeping it for Sony's event whenever that will be.

Also that Guardians of the Galaxy game better not be same shit type of GaaS like Avengers was.


Hoping for new Chrono Trigger, FF6 full remake and Vagrant Story soulsborne game. Also, updates and release dates for FF16, FF7R2 and Project Athia.
Final Fantasy XVI, Final Fantasy VII Remake 2, Forspoken, new Souls-like Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker.

And that just covers the PS5 console exclusives.

I'm ready for Dragon Quest 3 Remake today. Hopefully, a Switch game.
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