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SSX: What happened to this franchise?


I feel like a lot of/all of the alternative sports have gone away. Skateboarding and snowboarding have, basically, one game each per generation, pretty much. Fishing and hunting? You get the usual budget games that are basically product catalogs from big outdoor stores. Paintball? Blah.

Anything that isn't going to garner mainstream appeal gets shoddy effort. Notice how Madden and FIFA are slowly becoming also ran type games. EA makes a killing off of these, but they still pale in comparison to games with mainstream appeal, so the franchises are $hit now.
The psudo high school punk / American wasteland art design of on tour was SO off putting and I think began the series dive into niche games and forgive me if I’m wrong , but the celebrity voiced characters of the past few games were totally removed in favor of generic create a character right ?
Blur felt like a cheap cash grab for the wii, with controls that equates to rubbing your stomach and patting your head at the same time , while slowing the speed of the racers way down.
The 2012 reboot , was just what I wanted when it came out but the lack of real multiplayer is certainly what may have killed it. I’m revisiting this one currently and finding the speed to be almost too fast , with the tracks being more strings of massive cliffs then anything else . Also... did we really listen to THAT much dubstep back then ??!

The nostalgia wave is hard these days ... I’m counting on this series to come back , at the very least in the form of a remaster.


I absolutely loved the SSX games as they were just ridiculously fun, and were the games I always wanted to play whenever I turned my ps2 on.

I’m now hoping that Riders Republic might be as enjoyable as the trailer makes it look.

Forgot about this, good thing I opened a thread about my favorite sports franchises (i.e. SSX) to be hyperaware of it again. Wish it wasn't launching on EGS (like to have everything consolidated to one launcher), but I'll still pull the trigger on it when it releases.

As for SSX, there are reasons beyond the game being a favorite of minorities (X-treme sports lovers) that led to it falling off as many have already pointed out. Maybe it will see a renaissance at some point in the future if we aren't all dead from SARs-CoV-2 and its mutations.

P.S. To whomever responded with "It's tricky" early on... that was on point.
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SSX creator Steven Rechtschaffner on what’s next

I think this answers the OG question about the what happened and what’s next .
If you don’t have 40 mins to listen , Steven , who left the series after 3 , is seemingly returning to the series as he has a lot of ideas. This is great news to hear!! He mentions having a holiday get together party with his original EA BIG team and apparently that got them snowballing. ( hah)
He mentions being a huge fan of streaming game content , and especially the notion of free to play model... So honestly ... could some massive online F2P SSX world work ? Seems like the obvious evolution , I would just love a return to the more subtle features like the incredible evolving and interactive sound design of SSX 3.


I don't know what happened but i know the truth, that ssx3 is the greatest sports game of all time.

Also, holding boost before you land without also holding jump first is wacky, i have never grabbed into the ground for that reason, if i am trying to move on quick after landing i usually hold A before i touch down so I'm already powering up for my next jump, otherwise i hold off for the last bit of the in the air to let the character right themselves
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What happened to snowboarding games in general? I can’t ski for shit I can only snowboard (not even well) I don’t know why
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