St. Patrick's Day Weekend Drunk Thread!! Everyone must celebrate!

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In the spirit of St. Patricks day, I'm drinking:

Irish Vodka!! Suprisingly good.. Maybe not so suprising considering the irish know their liquor!
Nameless said:
In the spirit of St. Patricks day, I'm drinking:

Irish Vodka!! Suprisingly good.. Maybe not so suprising considering the irish know their liquor!
Bullshit! You will drink either Guinness or Jameson's and NOTHING ELSE!!!


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Boogie said:
Canadian rye whisky for me.
CC or Crown?

I`m probably heading to the Irish pub near Reno`s apartment tonight for some free beers! Should be a blast! :D

(free beers for wearing green? Good thing this work tie is green!)
Hangovers suck! Sadly, last night was only a prelude to today. I say today because I'm probably going down town at around 4-5p.. $1 GREEN BEER FTW!!!!!!!
S. L. said:
Not really. Its just kegs of regular beer with tasteless green food coloring added in. I'm not even a big beer drinker, but the $1 beer specials and "fill your own cup" for $2 specials are too good to pass up. :D

Teh Hamburglar said:
The holiday where everyone suddenly becomes "part Irish" and thinks the need to go drink. Hell, I don't need an excuse to get sloppy drunk.

Actually its great because you're allowed to get pissy drunk in the middle of the street and not go to JAIL!!! Public intoxication does not exist on St. Patrick's day!
I have listened to the Pogues Brixton '01 concert about 2 times straight through this morning to simulate beer since I have none.

It's working so far. I don't know how long it'll last though.
I'll be heading out after work, going to the local Irish pub, and getting smashed. Then I'll crawl out of bed in the morning and go to work hungover.
I'm going to be changing it up and trying some Highland Park 15. I tend to be a Morangie or Belvenie person so this will be an adventure in scotch for the night.


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I am listening to this song over and over again.

Big Country

It sounds Irish, but probably not at all.

Going out in a couple of hours to get some Irish whisky in my system and try to get into some Irish women.


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Started the drinking celebrations a little early last night, although technically it made it into St. Patrick's Day. Apparently I smoked half a pack of cigarettes for whatever reason. After coming home dehydrated and smelling like an ashtray I can firmly proclaim I'm in no form addicted to nicotine...yet am slowly mending for another round of boozing tonight.

I normally go for Black Label, but Drinky got me this for free and it's still really good scotch. I blew my load early and drank a little more than half the bottle last night, though :( Hence me going to the liquor store now, where I will pick up some Johnnie Black.
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