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Stabbing Rampage in Sydney CBD


The Tribe Has Spoken
Oct 27, 2017
your mind
A woman has been found with her throat cut in an apartment building metres away from where a man went on an afternoon stabbing rampage in Sydney’s CBD.

Police said the man attempted to stab “multiple people” and was arrested minutes after he allegedly plunged a knife into a woman’s back at a city hotel.
Police have confirmed a woman was found dead in the apartment block Clarence House just after 3pm this afternoon.
The Daily Telegraphreports the woman was found with her throat cut.
Police say the death is believed to be linked to the knifeman’s stabbing rampage.
1 person confirmed dead. Multiple injuries. Unclear if terror-related.



Mar 3, 2014
I was just watching the BBC's news report on this. He supposedly escaped from a mental health facility and has a history of MH problems. They don't think it's terror related, but there is speculation over a thumb drive, which was either found on him or at his residence. Apparently it had some material of an ideological nature.