Star Citizen is in financial distress. Takes out new loan to fund operations now.

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Lol op, google who Derek Smart is. Not a reliable source at all.

Derek Smart is one of the biggest frauds in video gaming I know of. Digital Homicide level.
Derek Smart... who famously got called out on his lies by the Star Citizen devs and utterly smacked down by their lawyers in the past when spreading falsehoods.

I don't know how legit this is... It would DEFINITELY be super troubling if true.
I've been hearing about this mythical game forever, not fully knowing what it is all about, but each year that passes I'm thinking surely this thing has released already. When is it going to be released? Why would anyone believe it's ever going to be released?
Isn't Derek Smart the guy that tried to make a space game in the vein of Elite and Wing Commander in the 90s (battlecruiser 3000?) but it was a buggy shitshow?
I don't have much faith in this project but I have absolutely no faith in Derek Smart.

Ie: Don't believe his lies gif
This is along the way I feel.
I hope it finally does come out someday, but I've just written it off in my mind so I don't get too disappointed when it doesn't. I think Squadron 42 (or whatever it was called) sounds really cool.
How can people still fall for this? When you see Derek are not smart.
"When your name is Smart, you don't have to worry that people will never call you smart."
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