Star Trek Discovery - official trailer in OP, 15 episodes ordered, premieres 9/24


edit: here is the official trailer

Currently potato quality.

Start Trek: Discovery‘s first season on CBS All Access will consist of 15 episodes, up from the 13 originally commissioned. In addition to the order increase, Star Trek: Discovery will be getting a companion show, Talking Trek.


Supersonic, idiotic, disconnecting, not respecting, who would really ever wanna go and top that
Oh, they're doing a companion show. That should be fun.
Why does every show need a companion talk show now? Good for the diehards that want it, but I can't stand these things.
I love the addition of behind the scenes talks with the cast and crew. It's there for people who want to jump in and for people who don't enjoy that stuff, they're not missing out on anything critical.
Visually, those are some great looking screenshots and I really like the cast

... but, I'm still really put off by the show taking place in just about the most boring conceivable timeline in the Trek universe. I'm not sure I'll be able to ever get over that, even if the show is really good, because I'll want this creative team tackling a timeline that interests me more.
Unless you're in Canada in which case....uh...I have no idea how we watch it
Sorry for my mistake. Here.

Quote from the linked article said:
The only reprieve we get is with the premiere episode, which will also air on the regular CBS network, while Canadians will get the opportunity to watch the series on the Space and Z cable networks, with CraveTV having the exclusive streaming rights.
Yeah, I think I'm gonna have to wait until the whole thing finishes airing, and just buy a single month of CBS to binge it. No way I'm paying for 4-5 months of that shit.