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Star Trek or Star Wars


May 16, 2015
Lately, I have found myself being sucked into the world of Star Trek, I much prefer that now.
I was into Star Wars as a kind, but I now feel like I have grown out of it. I just tried watching The New Hope and Empire Strikes back and it just doens't feel the same anymore.
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Feb 28, 2015
To the second question, pre-Voyager Trek.
Star Wars is largely a character story. Some work is putting into making the worlds convincing (the costume design in the cantina scene in the first movie is really something) and some of the crazy powerful super-beings in some of the one-off Trek stories could diminish the impact of some of the greater stories, but a fair amount of work more is put into world-building in the franchise, particularly in TNG and especially in DS9.
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Sep 4, 2018
Trek easily. TNG alone has more amazing classic episodes than you can count. The time loop one where Data remembers the number 3 was one of the greatest time loop stories I've ever seen. Usually there is something to think about, some philosophical or social idea being looked into, which is classic sci fi. I'd put the original series is up there as well. Add in the movies, I would stack Wrath of Khan alongside Empire. It’s that good of a movie. Not just a good space movie but an actual good movie.

Star Wars is ok but far smaller. OT and PT seemed to signify a larger world but the ST has definitively closed that off. Plus there is a lot more trash. Is there a Holiday Special for Trek? Not really. Maybe the TNG where Data tries to become a comedian, but even that is 20x more tolerable.

For a while Star Wars was something truly special, when there were only 3 films, but it no longer is and the more they make the harder it gets to look at the original films. Head cannon played a huge role in SW in my life, dreaming of stories and adventures as a kid, and now I am told that is dumb and having expectations is stupid. Trek doesn’t have that problem. You can watch a show or not, like it nor not, nobody really cares. JJ ruining the timeline isn’t a huge deal when they've done good time travel stories for decades. Him poorly rehashing things from the Wrath of Khan didn't harm Trek IMO, it harmed his own credibility.
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Patient MembeR
Apr 18, 2018
To the second question, pre-Voyager Trek.
Star Wars is largely a character story. Some work is putting into making the worlds convincing (the costume design in the cantina scene in the first movie is really something) and some of the crazy powerful super-beings in some of the one-off Trek stories could diminish the impact of some of the greater stories, but a fair amount of work more is put into world-building in the franchise, particularly in TNG and especially in DS9.
This is an odd comment to me. I always felt like Star Wars put more work into the glitz and presentation and world-building compared to the characters. Star Trek TNG onward is very character focused. Some episodes are little more than characters talking to one another and arguing (classic example: Measure of a Man). Some episodes are resolved by side characters (like Guinan and O'Brien). The franchise is all about these characters on a journey, and the sci-fi is a backdrop. Yes, over the course of Star Trek's lifespan the lore built up, but I wasn't watching Trek to see which space-magic LaForge was going to use to get the Enterprise out of a pinch.
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Dec 2, 2010
Lucas Star Wars for life. Deep Space Nine was the only Trek series I really loved.


Crushed by Thanos
Dec 7, 2008
The Pentagon
star trek but i'm chaotic evil in that universe don't step foot in my quadrant or imma torture you for 1,000,000 life cycles


Feb 11, 2019
Limerick, Ireland
The new Star Trek movies "out Star Warsed" Star Wars.

Star Wars as a series has been mismanaged as of late. I could change my mind in 10 years but it's Star Trek for now.
May 26, 2011
going through Trek for the first time ( I chose TNG to begin with). I'm halfway through season 2 so far. It has a ton of charm and I can see why it has a fan base. I find that it has a solid amount of lore but lacks in aesthetics severely. its so freaking cheesy. but good cheese. a lot of heart.

Star Wars is very neat and the OT is a great little story, but its lore and world is so bastardized at this point, that its all so insignificant and bullshit. it has its flashy sword fights and magic, but outside of the luke/vader/palpatine arc theres very little substance anywhere else.


Sep 4, 2018
for a time Star Wars's scarcity was part of the charm. it was a mythical story that encouraged imagination. but nowadays that has been watered down. both through making too many movies and antagonizing fans.

OT was 3 movies in the span of 7 years, which is perfect timing for kids, cos you grow up with the characters, you spend years in between entries imagining stories & collecting toys and stuff. since it has turned into mass product (2015) we have seen the release of 4 movies in the span of as many years. OT and PT grew an organic fanbase from the start, ST is just about marketing to pre existing fans. this is why we are mired in endless ANH spin offs.

ST has spin offs as well, but they usually have new characters, new settings, new races, new story. TNG is not the same asVoyager is not the same as Deep Space 9. Star Wars films on the contrary are all about the same story. any new entries they put out are redundant before release. they rehashed ANH for TFA, RO, and Solo, and are continuing with the same through Boba Fett, Obi Wan, and Cassian tv shows. how many hours of ANH-centric content is that just piled on? over a dozen or so?

there is just so much more variety in Trek. if you've seen the first two SW films, you've seen them all.
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Apr 29, 2019
got be be one of those who simply loves both! I grew up watching TNG and Deep Space 9 with my brother so I've got some great memories of Trek there. And I really like the new movies (Solo included) even though they have flaws. Being able to share them with my kids is I guess why I enjoy them so much.
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Gold Member
Jan 14, 2018
I used to love Star Wars and enjoy Star Trek. The recent movies killed all excitement I felt about Star Wars and Star Trek Discovery Season 2 was so bad it soured the first season in retrospect. So all in all they are near equal rubbish regarding their more recent offering, and setting aside any nostalgia for the original trilogy* my choice is clear: the Expanse. Star Trek comes as second thanks to the strength of later seasons TNG and DS9.

* since George Lucas decided to destroy the original versions the movies I loved don't exist anymore.
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Sep 4, 2018
Why anyone would ever begin to compare them is beyond me.
they are both examples of the gradual acceptance of sci fi by mass culture. Star Trek made many strides in the 60's introducing a more realistic & serious take on sci fi (in contrast to something like Lost in Space) and the famous interracial kiss, the international crew, and other elements were all parts of pop culture. Spock was a popular household alien character long before Chewbacca. interesting how fan demand for Trek ended up bringing the series back, similar to what happened with Wars and the prequels. there is a long and complicated sense of ownership for the fans of both series.

when Wars came along, and the first film was getting made, the sci fi fan culture already existed, largely thanks to Trek. there were conventions in the 70s and stuff, fanzines, cosplay, etc. the 70s sci fi convention scene is where Lucas et al first tested their then-new property out. the premade audience of sci fi nerds were bound to love SW. TBH without the existence of the ST fan market it is possible that nobody takes a chance on SW and it just never happens.
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Formerly 'NutJobJim'
Apr 15, 2007
London UK
Before the Mouse stuck his dirty dick deep inside it I would have said Star Wars easily.

I'm far more excited for the rumoured Tarantino Star Trek then absolutely anything else Star Wars related though so I'm gonna go with Star Trek.

Star Trek also seems like it has far more possibilities for interesting stories than Star Wars as well. Star Wars is stuck telling the same old stories in a universe that now feels incredibly small.


Apr 23, 2018
Darmok on the ocean. His arms wide.

I'm a Trek nerd but I also love Star Wars. My sister from another mister is also a huge fan but thanks to my attention to detail, even though I haven't seen Enterprise or most of Voyager, I won at Star Trek Scene It..

And I've seen almost all of the Star Wars movies in theaters and at home. I am probably one of the few looking forward to Rise of Skywalker.


Jan 17, 2006
Easily Star Wars for me. Although I'm not the biggest Star Trek fan, I've only seen season 1 of the 60's show, a few episodes of Deep Space Nine, the original 6 movies and the 3 new movies.
Star Trek feels more realistic but the universe of Star Wars just grabs me more.


Gold Member
Jan 9, 2018
Star Wars but I only like the old ones. Never like Trek at all.


Oct 16, 2012
Star Wars is dead to me outside the original trilogy and Timothy Zhan's Thrawn trilogy. As for Star Trek TNG, DS9, Voyager are all really good. Never watched much Enterprise, and I have never watched the new series that's out on CBS right now. The new series with Picard looks intriguing.

I used to be a WAYY bigger Star Wars fan, but Disney sure ruined that. I think I like Star Trek better now.


Mar 26, 2013
I prefer Star Trek EVEN though the TNG is the only one I really liked , movies and all. It just had such a likeable crew and it's always great to see Worf constantly getting his a$$ kicked . I don't really like Star Wars past the original 3 .


Oct 31, 2018
Yeahh boi, who can forget one of the greatest speeches in Scifi history (from 1.47 for those who've never watched):

That show would have been easily the best if it had a real budget. It's a damn shame.


Neo Member
Jul 5, 2019
Star Trek is much better. Star Wars has always been terrible. The "I am your father" twist is bad, and the "Leia is Luke's sister" twist is even worse. A New Hope has aged poorly and Empire Strikes Back is terribly overrated.
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Oct 26, 2018

But if I had to choose, SW.

ST is way too nerd giggly. SW has that too (especially the old movies), but at least its got some cool digfights and sword fighting.

ST are dudes in dry cleaned polyester uniforms aiming tv remote control phasers at each other. My bro would watch ST stuff from the 90s, an Data would do something on TV, and he'd laugh like he just saw the funniest joke ever.

Although, I'd put the recent ST movies where's it's younger and grittier than the old Shatner stuff

In rank of best movies:

1. ST Wrath of Khan (1982). The only bonafide good ST movie. Low budget, but a good movie with virtually no stupid space nerd jokes

2. 1980s SW movies

3. Recent SW movies

4. Recent ST movies

5. SW movies from 2000

6. All other ST movies (aside from 1982 Khan)
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Probable Replicant & GIF PIMP
Oct 10, 2012
Chalk and Cheese. One's Space Opera and the other is Sci-Fi. I'll take the latter over the former any day of the week.


Jun 13, 2004
I like both but Star Trek has always felt way too Marxist to me. Nobody seems to care about money, the way the government runs seems to set all appointments, or the way The military acts all benign but is in every facet of life, to me it all has some sinister undertones. They seem closer to Star Wars universe where the Empire has gained total control, had a great PR team, and only had to deal with external threats.

Star Wars seems totally in your face with the way people are. It has always seemed more realistic to me with everything seeming to be on the verge on anarchy, and with multiple groups fighting for control.


Sep 4, 2018
Star Wars seems totally in your face with the way people are. It has always seemed more realistic to me with everything seeming to be on the verge on anarchy, and with multiple groups fighting for control.
Star Trek has this constantly. in fact there are multiple groups, races, planets, etc. all interacting.

with Star Wars, it's just a binary, Empire or Republic. the power struggle is just flipping back a forth between two extremes. good for fantasy but this is entirely unrealistic. by focusing on the binary war it's gotten boring as a result. you can't sustain a conflict between two isolated groups for 40+ years and have it remain interesting.

Trek on the other hand has so many groups interacting, forming alliances, power struggles, etc. it's not even a contest.
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Sep 4, 2018

Spock's psychedelic monitor.
Trek: 1 Wars: 0

Data's computer designed to look like an 80s mall directory.
Trek: 2 Wars: 0

Millenium Falcon has cool 80s lights. look at the dramatic lighting, u can smell the cocaine.
Trek: 2 Wars: 1

Boringly shot Luke in flatly lit Falcon, looking serious and realistic. "remember this?" w no effort.
Trek: 3 Wars: 1

Seinfeld style sci fi office comedy goings ons. Many variations on this space stuff.
Trek: 4 Wars: 1

Death Star hallway, an iconic but minimal design. same design still used in sequels made 40 years on.
Trek: 4 Wars: 2

Trek wins.
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Aug 14, 2019
Star Wars by far I don't even watch that much Star Trek in all honesty that's like asking who's faster Flash or Quicksilver obviously Flash.

Inspector Q

Apr 16, 2015
I have only ever seen bits and pieces of the Star Trek movies and a few random episodes here and there. I have watched every Star Wars movie that has come out.

The Last Jedi is the freshest thing in my mind.

So Star Trek.

John Day

Gold Member
Jan 12, 2018
San Juan, PR
Star Trek seems like the deeper universe. A explorer’s dream in space!

But Star Wars grabbed me by the balls tight with lightsabers. Well shit. Star Wars for me!