Star Wars: Battlefront teaser footage emerges, first screen, Nov 17th (PC/PS4/XB1)

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So, here's a Call of Duty: Ghosts' jungle.

I mean, there isn't a huge gap in fidelity between the two.

The soft lighting in the Battlefront shot sells it. But the rock geometry? Foliage? Eh, it doesn't seem like too big a leap.

Top of the page. Well shit...
fuck that teaser got me so excited for a second

*just woke up*

oh hey new star wars trailer


nice nice very nice

*notices little teaser for battlefront*

holy shit did it come out early or something?! time to check out gaming side and... oh...

So to translate PR speak, I guess he means it is a render using the game engine?
PC version is going to be a beast if true then.
Of the three AAA engines I've used/developed with, two of them let me record sessions and replay then with a freecamera + some other tools. Essentially a theater mode.

I imagine Frostbite has a similar type of feature. The feature is incredibly useful for a variety of reasons, including re-framing trailers.
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