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Star Wars Finally Explains the Emperor's Resurrection


Not Even Dave Filoni can save the sequels.
Disney is really the true scourge for Star Wars.

It's quite insane to think they thrown away most of the extended universe , and for what ? for that...
They don't even pay the authors that wrote all the good star wars stuff.

They need someone like Kevin Feige for the franchise, someone who respect what as come before and can reuse when possible.


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What really bugs me is I get the feeling Disney didn't read or look into any of the expanded universe when they bought Star Wars.I'm not saying they should have used everything from the expanded universe, trust me there's a lot of bad stuff in it, but there is a ton of good they could have used. It's crazy to think the company struggled to make a film trilogy, and they had to thrawn books to lean back on. Disney is a joke.
Agreed, the height of ineptitude.
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