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Star Wars Outlaws: Official Game Overview Trailer | Ubisoft Forward 2024


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Ubisoft kicked off the show with a brand new look at Star Wars Outlaws gameplay with a trailer and actual gameplay ahead of its August 30 release. Over 10 minutes of gameplay was shown along with nearly four minutes of new looks via the trailer.


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please! no 'did you ever wonder what would've happened if luke & hans had had a child?' jokes (especially in the voice of that narrator)...

okay, i'm actually sorta looking forward to this. i like massive, & i like this era of star wars...


Gunplay and stealth seem simply awful.

World, graphics, story, exploration all seem good.

Fallen Order and Survivor will likely still remain Gold Standard for Star Wars games.
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Maybe they made the protag dopey looking so everything else shines? The aliens designs and animations are immaculate. Almost live action quality.
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If the factions system works well this could be the open world bounty hunter game I've been dreaming off. Close to the original Prey demo that was canned years ago.
I enjoyed what I saw, glad it has stealth which surprised me, made me think about getting it since I am a huge stealth fan. Atmosphere is awesome which is expected from Massive.


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The protagonist kind of reminds me of Aloy. I mean, I want her to shut up.

None of the gameplay in this demo looks interesting to me, but the idea of being able to explore Mos Eisley is really enticing. I wish they'd just show off more of the interesting locations. Can I enter a lot of interiors, and how can I engage with civilian NPCs?
Not impressed. The combat looks stiff...
I think lots of gameplay demos use really stiff movements that don't really reflect how actual players (especially on PC with rapid flicks of a mouse) will engage with the game. Even Dying Light's parkour looks stiff in a lot of the gameplay demos. The actual gameplay experience will hopefully feel better than this looks.


Looks meh, I was advancing the entire video because everygod damn time there was a "slow walking scene". At least the ship side ins't exactly a drag, but it would be better if the ship gameplay wasn't much robotic. The gameplay at 7:00 looks bad imo, waste an entire animation just to climb a very small place that could be done in a single climb animation. The slow sneaking part is tedious as fuck...


Another homely looking mc. Awesome. I hate escapism in my space wizard games.
She’s a thief vandal who spends her time in the underground syndicates of the galaxy, how else is she supposed to look?

In any case, I’m in. I won’t be buying this, but I sure as hell will take advantage of Ubisoft Plus.


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...aren't they all now?

honestly it's a good deal if you can dedicate the time to beating a game in 2-3 weeks
It didn't seem totally forgettable like all the other Ubisoft games .Yeah i will be using Ubisoft+. But i kinda expected more, after the last showing.
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I hope there are some difficulty settings cause it looks way to easy. Would be boring in the long run....
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